Some people aren't supposed to be comfortable to be around and deal with, that persons intensity is only a rejection of the mundane in society, like small talk is not what you want to hear from a long lost relative. Men don't have to be docile, pleasant, agreeable, submissive or silly at all, we need to be ourselves whether it's this way or that. Weakness is far too popularized right now, change comes from bold men who break things often and don't even say sorry for stepping on delicate ideas. We get hated on, & on one hand, we desire haters like a shark smelling prey.. but also we want what normal folks have, just an easy going life without having to reach extremes of down or even up so often. men start out as young men, (boys) taking one risk after another making mistakes no one would ever have guessed to become a well sculpted better version. Often times we encounter a weaker subject in our vicinity and have to be civilized around them, a person whose mind is never pleased & will always complain and create love/hate problems out of nothing. Maybe it can't really happen, like a bad match if it were a real love I speak of, weak can't relate with stronger folks & vice versa ., when the mind is stuck on something it wants, it'll go all in good or bad. If you're a real one, you don't have to be told you're doing a lot.. social media can't identify you, wealth tests *SATs can't specify what level of wokeness you possess presently or potentially. What we do and say surely matters, every activity we spend time doing avoiding idle minds factors into our growth., it can be an uncomfortable existence or very exciting depending on who joins. I want my name in a list of people who changed things for the better, not just a bucket passer but a pilot who flicks the switch on a C-130 to dump flame retardant on a wildfire. If I'm ended by fearful could be men, I'll keep a small circle who will remember what I've got planned for the future, I hope they include lessons I taught, hearts I changed, and will find open ears with respect to the risk it took. Some peoples passions are like feathers in the wind, others are like all matter that exists, from the ground we walk on to the air we breathe; totally inescapable. let men be men, let greatness grow even when it isn't your front yard, major achievements come from doing more than just enough.


Black history

It continues..


I think the wealthiest innovators have too many restrictions & rules they aren't able to break to improve the quality of life for most of humanity, they could at least write the fiction we dream of as all hands are tightly tied by capitalism, bureaucracy, privilege & biological needs to exist.  This sharing of thoughts we're allowed has limits when the right people to make improvements are distracted by what's forced in front of them in order to continue a market value success.  Evolving of goals means bully societies like (Russia/USA) will take 2nd place to diverse & equal access to education (wiser) societies.  I'm not pleased yet with the current rate of progress, it's dreadfully slowed, the worlds written and already imagined ideas have demonstrated far more several laps around commonplace work for pay or need to kill one another to be a stronger whole.

  Slavery to robotics one could say & fair share for ones workday never was paid, the chance came & went so it's too late to bargan.  something is missing, so much unused or unoccupied space restricted by income meant to be explored & at least temporarily lived in by anyone with legs to walk it.  I'll have to refuse to settle for the best of what's currently offered, be increasingly sensitive & even avoid desensitizing indulgencies.  We're all built to inhabit & explore the entire sphere + more beyond our own, the many senses we have are meant to absorb or avoid what we come across as we proceed.  To follow an ideal is a risk to the biggest risk taking types, to ignore current capabilities advances in tech allows is worse than location based religious fanaticism many decades ago.


The modern black person will break many rules, will make new rules, & will lead without any physical weapons or force but mere examples of decency deeply influencing masses to follow.  There would be no catch, no back to walk on like red carpet to distinguish 1 from another.  Fights would only exist between wild animals one studies for population control, eventually entire systems of higher learning will regard it unnecessary in a progressive society.  NASA would become diverse, the new Army, & everyone would have to sign up at 27 yrs of age to eventually explore far from their local upbringing.  Healthcare robotic, CEOs algorithms, Farming would be one of the last or few human jobs left as even educators are turned to gamification.  Neck breaking change occurs because that's the current rate we (I) was born in.  There's an environment people are best suited to live in, a comfortable Temp, clean air, no need to heat or cool oneself sacrificing resources to do so.  Still the ability to explore extremes helps the itch of curiosity., Fear can get categorized as an psychological abnormality for all I car DSM-whatever it may be, lack of knowledge should become a relic of the past.  




When doors open I'll walk much further., what's new for now is doing several things I want to at the same time.  Being told to stick to one purpose at a time is like being told to think less, not thinking for me is impossible.  


only watercolors are new,  but I'll start producing both at the same time if I can.  

Not settling

This last night was the 2nd time police inconvenienced me within the new year, getting an Xbox appraised for buyback or resale.  Me & a possible buyer looked scary to the cashier, I'd been there about an hour to buy a Rug doctor too just after to get my car back fresh clean again.  I'll call them 5 guys, that much man power over a fearful cashiers false assumptions, her fear was valued more than my eventual sense of harrassment taking place.  The 1st time I was writing my 1st book while charging, the CMU security was fearful I'd cost them I guess when they asked if I studied there or who I knew there.  I actually laughed with the mob of cops this time; the fact they were requested was ridiculous enough already, in reality this never becomes normal to me.  So the questions came, how do you know the guy?, you were both acting strange, come back here! , they said you looked strange.. whatever though, it's annoying when this crap keeps occurring.  I had a real talk with them when I told them a solution, more jobs in the "hoods".  They had their "but" moment, & I told them I'm not a typical man you should approach in this manner, in different words. I seek to improve and change what we currently value and hold dear to us as reality, I told them I'm writing a book and to google the Venus project in FLA.  They spoke as if they had no voice for change, merely menial enforcers of bosses orders then? I told them they have a voice just as much as I do.  If they should stumble upon this post later since they know me after scanning my license ,they should know I stand by all I spoke last night.  It was weird as hell being approached like that, especially after buying a $100 dollar vacuum too., they said they had altercations with law enforcement in their youth; if I didn't then I'll laugh now it shouldn't have ever even happened last night and I'm adult.  So I was also unshaven to contrast me even more with their apperance being an all white lack of diversity.  If it's usually that bad what bearded black men do, allow me to make this adjustment to their preconceptions all on my own.  How else will change occur if we aren't exemplifying betterment on each end of these dilemmas??  I'm no longer concerned with becoming part of a whole anyway, this isn't even a new branch, it's a new tree with multiple branches of its own; very fertile needing no genetic modifications or artificial fert.  My ideas are for permanent change, we all know & feel the problem of Capitalism.  We try to swallow its disgustingness with temporary little moments it kinda sorta works in our favor.  I'll be the highly sensitive man when I say this is fucking insane to be calling a normal way of life.  Innovation will not end without a monetary system of incentives, it would thrive.  Everyone satisfied finally living off an overabundance of Earth, finally will have time to be true to themselves.  We are naturally born creatives, our sense of desperation thwarts our originality in favor of survival.  Our choices are what distinguish us all from one another, jobs & skill can be beside the point as time proceeds; we need to learn to live in peace with or without money stringing us into laborious dance.  I need to be painting again, don't force a hermit lifestyle on me just to stay functioning though.


The workforce portrayed for Carnegie shows dignity, Barnett Newman verticality like Homo erectus, exculding the face of black men participating for all to see.. who was behind the scenes, in the more dangerous parts of the job? Rich men are thugs, but thankfully they made Castles to hold the best thought of humanity creating.  (will rotate later by the way)


Make the heart feel good, make the face smile, make the person decent, make it all contagious.


I've prepared for the worst so long, time to simply shine out of the storm Clouds.  Money is a joke people kill each other over, power is truly in people., make them happy to visualize exactly what they want & need.  Bring them together for common goals, be a bigger & closer group than any opposition to your concept of civility.  I've talked of prints recently, & writing a 1st book even; but I need/want to paint too.  

Walking down streets with galleries has broadened my understanding of how cities work, choices Artists have to make too.  We as men have to guide change into existence within the minds through eyes all over the world.  We aren't meant to flatter or please with obvious sought after vices, we need to introduce new & better avoiding banality at all costs.  



 rotating later, this is an old sketch when new to pittsburgh..

rotating later, this is an old sketch when new to pittsburgh..

Time Travel & Audience

Since the writing I'm starting will be sci-fi, I'd like to emphasize the unique awesomeness that the ability to travel through time would be.  World travel, by the way, should be as natural & unhindered as breathing. I guess the idea of 1 place for all maintains peace & keeps the advantageous resources safe for a happier people.  If the ability to thrive off the fruits of the land is hindered & turned into weapons creation to steal & industry to build for human replacement it looks like a playworld for Adults to mess up every morning they go to work.

I see it being a population issue, when I imagine with all the interconnection of modern times that we are still making the same mistakes by going back in time.  History is exciting, reputable study but America has to be linear, forward progressing if you're asking me.  Like yelling don't spread opportunity all over, don't diversify the type of work people can do.  We are still sympathetic to large, all encompassing companies to fight for their tax breaks.  Audience is & should be the motivation for driving great ideas up or crappy ones down, but depending on it's demographics this can work the other way around just as well.  

I like when things are exactly right, no need to change, argue or set things straight.  These are times that'll require some rejection from popularized norms.  One of the toughest relationships that should end with trophies for sticking through it will be this excessively republican admin.  I of all people should say give people a chance to prove themselves, but this isn't based on what another similar looking person did. We aren't comparing apples & oranges, my pains vs. yours; everyone can benifit from people who fight for all rights.

 So much more can be said for how people speak, write & use invisible systems to prolong their negativity.  Just because a person wins doesn't make it the peak of perfection everyone should strive for.  We see a star & want to be one too, we are all stars though only needing to shine brighter.  Identity is a valueable that shouldn't be for sale., I get envied by wealthy people even, because I don't need so much extra bs to be satisfied & complete.


  True genius should never be limited by financial constraints.  My way of avoiding the feeling of being carried in the wind is to write.  I have desire to change how cities work, more permanent structures meant to last forever, symbolizing the thoughtful citizens who reside there and never want to leave.  People of all kinds will learn and study out of curiosity alone as if money no longer exists.  We all immediately imagine loosing our products for basic hygiene, plumbing failures, lights out and systems like mass consumerism failing to reach us without money.  What if our innovation grows stagnant without incentive or rewards for higher achievement we may think, but recognition should be enough if everyone else is living happily as well.  Our planet was originally open for exploration free of cost, our love for comforting accessories in our modern world makes us avoid nature.  Technology gives us a false comforting sense that far away destinations are just a nice picture from a friend with their delightful interpretations.  Reality only occurs within our minds, we will all interpret earth in our own special way.  The taste, smell, feel and sound of our surroundings shape how much or little we enjoy or despise it.   As an artist in todays world I'm torn in between a carefree embrace of life as it is and a deep painstaking desire to change every speck of it all to suit my vision of perfection.  Writing will ease my desire for more, to give everyone a sense of what it is that goes on in my mind all the time.  The way I see things now, temporary is always old, because I see it quickly being replaced as soon as it occurs.  The way our current system works we will forever be tied to wealth, with the uphill climb blinding our sense of destructiveness, overuse of resources and hate from and for people simply taking up more of our bought and assigned spaces.

It is much easier when the system works to everyones advantage, we may want it to last forever as if there is not a single thing wrong with it.  Eventually we will run out of solutions using money to resolve our unnatural behaviors.  There are now systems for enabling more access to those of us with the desire and abilities to rise, but there has to be a better top to look forward to.  The goal I would have if I were a billionaire wouldn't be to make more, but to end the need of it altogether.. it isn't impossible, it's actually quite a bit of an artists job in my point of view.  Make everything more appealing, landscapes more desirable, foods more healthy and tasty, rid the air of foul aromas to more pleasant trees, so much more goes on visually than people are able or willing to realize.   


The prints were started at A.I.R (artists image resources/Northside) several months ago, I've been at a deciding point for my work to include text in some form or another.  Dana Bishop-Root was a great person to run into driving for Lyft; she told me about the more local print shop maybe less than 3 miles away from my place!


Each letter was hand drawn in a large sketch pad I found in my junky apartment stencils were hand drawn just before my playful meandering linear drawings, then it was all captured by my cellphone and slightly cleaned with some photoshop direction from Leslie at the Braddock Carnegie Library.   


This will be cut through the middle and include entirely new text drawings for these sketches to become something great.  


This is a straight forward view to show how faint such an idea is addressing masses overwhelmed by big, bright and bold advertisements to buy and consume.  In honest comparison, we have to give citizens more choice as far as healthier eating, economic opportunities, travel, and even just being decent more so than not.  Ads for cigarettes or beer are outstanding in their presence, so copied into all types of vehicles, products, entertainment and everyday life.  Now is a time when what is popular can be deadly to us all and detrimental to our planet, so we must take it upon ourselves to discern as much of it on a daily as our minds can.  

There will be prints

Yep! My next big thing..instead of blog in digital format, something more  permanent & serious that'll still fit my format . This mere acknowledgement will count as a late July post for any concerned silent followers I haven't yet met in person.  


There's this momentary pressure to further "normalize"myself, I'd like to see my new Nephew in person back home in Memphis.. This takes away from the expected all about myself lifestyle of an Artist; I need work that addresses these social issues I find most pressing.  Whether it's along the same lines as my current subtractive works or not it simply needs to happen.  My apartment could be more liveable if I hadn't tried making a studio out of it, so I'll try taking some before & after shots of that too.  Security in my current location is likely an issue too, I will live through it as life simply goes on while simultaneously  searching for security cams even in my cheap apartment.

I'm listening to "The Brain" by David Eagleman from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Find this & more at 

No hiding success

Such an inconvenience it is to conform to any system, presently all is imperfect as far as our systems of control.  We do ourselves, our surroundings, and fellow people a disservice when we willfully adopt & obey this system with the mindset that it is perfection at its best, no contest.  Greed has its use when we can admit dissatisfaction with the way things are,  potential is ruined by our structuring our lives around insignificant values that may have little if any positive affect on us personally.. When I feel my work is unappreciated or continuously see the jobs becoming computerized.. there's realizing that farming, working with people directly, hunting & survival in nature are important for maintaining our humanity. This new post has a lot to do with perceptions, appearances, the ability to act it out in general.  Fallacy is present all the time in various media, so much so we may have grown numb enough not to recognize it for what it is.  So why do the richest people tend to be hidden, and media usually will acknowledge philanthropy instead of wasteful spending..?  There is a cap on any innovation that will stifle profits from the richest companies.  They recognize what lack of income means and have no intentions of trading places.  Unfortunately, nature has its own way of getting a point across.., when the planet increasingly warms, overpopulation causes lack of resources such as clean water, so terrorism becomes commonplace in modern life.  Temporary never goes out of style, but nature is always better, something to draw inspiration from forever.  The thought must cross more minds than mine alone,  what if our occupations all ended at the same time?  Not only repetitive tasks , education, Healthcare, the mass of knowledge we currently fathom is such a small spec of time within this omnipresent universe.  What is it even to truly know,  if you're having a hard enough time perfecting a single planet,  how is that preparedness for unknown challenges?  So yeah, anything I don't have to dig for and seek to find will seem like a joke.  I take value in handmade, original, less mass produced for large company profits in favor of independent, smaller entities more unlikely to cut corners since lawsuits aren't an option.  Isolation has its place,  ghettos aren't hiding away from opulent neighborhoods, but the opposite is obviously true.  To keep minds focused on smaller (local) problems, allows the major beast in the room to tiptoe across with the sound of an ant..



Check out my pics from my last road trip!!


 local roots

local roots

 local roots 

local roots 

 local roots

local roots

 local roots

local roots

 local roots

local roots

 just before leaving Tennessee

just before leaving Tennessee



March 20, 2016 at 06:05

We like to be with happy, unique people so often but are only left with the scraps from social groups hogging all of their individuality.  Some places inspire people to lose themselves in masses of people, to maintain there's no other choice but to follow the mainstream.  The mainstream" varies unfortunately, depending on each locations design, behavior & climate. "What group are you in?" the underlying prevailing question if it isn't super-obvious already.  I earn income legally to pay bills in order to maintain & avoid too early of a death or unfulfilling life story.  My passion is not occupational, it is not a requirement but a choice, a vice, a necessary counterweight to balance me chemically.  This isn't an elaborately drawn out story describing how to ideally live life to the fullest; not secretly bragging about my own personal endeavors.  My intention isn't to redirect your interests, gain/regain respect, or upset every reader.  All the while my lack of concern for another persons opinion of me is what makes me laugh at and even desire to hear racist or overall hateful peoples opinions.  Ignorance is entertaining, we have to admit this fact to understand why it persists so...  people desire the bad guy who is borderline good underneath the façade, the exhibiting of stubbornness & danger benefitting his eventual taking up for the weaker good.  To have a mate unafraid to pursue, no inner fear of rejection, meaning they're okay with not having everything go their way.  All the while shy, less aggressive appear entitled, spoiled, & passive aggressive in their quieter more conservative manner.    So the humble/Meek/timid can be feared even more so; usually in the quiet minds of those who best understand the thought process as it goes.  There's such thing as a necessary evil because it sheds light on an otherwise hidden agenda.  So before we condemn public enemy #1, we should respect their reluctance to hide who they truly are.  To have complete disgust/opposition for hateful people means relinquishing ones self of any form of hate as well.  The obvious clouding of judgement hate brings about should be the priority deciding factor for anyone on the fence.  


Just for fun

I'm Digitizing pictures to exhibit my interest in graphic novels. It's not too difficult to do on the go, in between work and everything else... Feel free to follow my twitter., send pics if you'd like to be sketched. I'll only charge if I get too many to handle in my spare time, also thinking of storyboards,  if  you'd like to collaborate to make an actual story get at me.  I thought this post went through March 25th, but since it's now  I'll add in some current events.  March went great, I met some amazing people during my birthday, gained some environmental knowledge too.  I see now the best I can do while I'm here is apply to CMU, the MFA or MAM program sound good. I've also considered Vermont (VCFA), very unique/new program even if it's mad cold for 10 days at a time.  Sacrifices have to be made to do big things, I know so many who can relate!

 Self portrait using Autodesk sketchbook

Self portrait using Autodesk sketchbook

Birthday month

I'm listening to "Originals" by Adam Grant from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Find this & more at 

The average person might be hateful, racist toward unfamiliar or historically oppressing people, boast of the gifts of their ancestry/heritage/ethnicity, and/or degrade that of others.  Leadership is not for your everyday gal or guy; not that it requires sacrifice, more of an open mind/insight to accept differences while remaining proud of their humbleness.  When one truly takes offense they aren't wasting time trading insults, joking, or even questioning reason.  True distaste or dissatisfaction leads to bigger systematic change that will better prevent the negative mindsets from breeding back into existence one generation after another.   


2016 so far I see

I'd like if I were truly more interested in things most people around me do.. My present disposition is one of pure curiousity; I would much rather learn something new and useful during more relaxed time constraints.  Without pressures of academic failure, financial waste, or socially less acceptable career choice studies.  Happiness seems to come neatly bottled into groups of societal norms, to simplify/categorize us all better I guess.  As not to appear indecisive, I like to say my weekends aren't planned; I just go with the flow.  Altogether, Everything I do is very planned, in fact I need to be as close to perfect as I can as much as possible.  With what should be stressful taking place, it's not so much a worry or concern as just fitting in, being average somewhat.  I'm an in-between-er, looking for the lectures like from undergrad while also distancing myself from college/University campuses to keep from owing money.  I need to forget these concerns and do anything I want, likely writing the best fiction until it becomes my Auto-bio.  2016  looks to be a time African Americans will show how far we've come or just continue on traditional attachment to historical achievements.  I like how there are so many opportunities to choose from, I only have to become content with a lonely desire to fulfill until I ask others to assist.   Crowdsourcing would do two good  things, help me to be more involved with the public/peoples choices, and Assist in completing my aspirations or ideas.  Fitness, healthy eating, even trying yoga can put me in the boat of so many others mindset to start off the year.  I have realized however that my interest in a healthy lifestyle is unattractive to those  believing me to be superhuman.  I can't drink & smoke all the time and expect to get back to my military training records. In fact, everything I do nowadays takes a great deal of effort, prior planning, sacrifice and desire to get done right. 


Beyond reality

Whenever improvements can be made there's a great opportunity to express what you would do.  This new year that's what my creativity will be, what you would get from me if I was gifted with the control and power to do bigger things.    This position of speculation is nice, not having to go all in  toward any singular direction.  Avoid any thoughts of financial incentives, payoff all bills without conscern if they are more or less than necessary.  Work full throttle each day till I'm tired or old and dead, slowing down is no longer an option.  I'm from now on devoted to perfection at all costs.  I've got an Idea, merging landscapes with  portraits, concieving solutions to global/domestic issues, all while enjoying play with aesthetics.  Gamification , 3d printing, and city building have been major interests of mine for a while now.  



Happy New Years!! 


The big picture isn't my consern, I'm going through trouble enough on my own. If my land is colonized and infected I'll have to make sure to follow the rules of the oppressor in order to even survive. My land is paradise, the enemy has bigger weapons to take it and greater greed to consume it. The media makes me into a monster,  after their explicit history of dehumanizing treatment. It becomes a challenge to consider them tourists; they like to change so many things. Why bring industry that was needed in their lands when it's so pleasantly warm here? These changes don't appear as gifts, not only because they forced us to take our land with guns. They showed us how to  kill and hate each other, they enticed us with their modern luxuries. I now want to be just like them, or else like many I know who have perished.  Their media consumes my thoughts, better than real life it is. Although I am always an enemy in their stories, it looks so exciting.  My woman disrespects me, only complaining of the smaller issues that effect us as a pair, when their lies a bigger issue for me to deal with for the land we live in as a whole.  She only wants me to get by, like everyone else, as I do now as well.  Her body is so expressive, I'm afraid her mind is no longer as conscious as I've desired before, but this makes her special and unique, her friends do it too.  My issues are bigger than a narrow focus can obtain in a single view, but appearances are what matter most for our human state of being. We consume the more valuable information through our eyes, reading peoples faces and 2-dimensional  texts.  Our voices are holding less value as this trend grows, even with technology recording us, the format reigns supreme.  People kill masses for power and influence, and wealthy friendships are wrapped in attractive titles such as politics. The uncivilized manner of regaining control is only uncivil if it was taken, often times by uncivilized force.  Peaceful marches and demonstrations are best for the younger public consumption to avoid an uprising.  The wiser realize power is as necessary as the life value of water and air, without it you simply die.  Military is our most significant power, with the attractive blinding visuals of media to make it more a stealth than the matt black industrial paint from the 90s bombers.  Overal I have to ask myself why do I even care so much, being born so far away. So far away from a people who let me go as trade, or if not that made me weak enough for it to even take place.  This me being an  ancestor I can only prove Important by being a success in the present time and place. I a natural born adventurer, I seek new places over those that are familiar. It's about time family met up in new places at this time of year. One major difference as African-Americans,  is our desire to go new places; expanding and/or redefining our generation and culture. I feel completely new, theres now the world and me to have my way with it.  Not to devalue or not appreciate history, but to add a significant branch to a withered and damaged tree that can place its roots in any soil.  


This concludes my attempt at a full google handwritten blog. It was for most of this text just that, with only about 5% done  yesterday on the draft! The paintbrush stylus on sketchbook express was too small an Image to see; it was political comic quickly drawn. BTW-by the way, this handwriting only consist of my thumb, trying to get the most with the least.

Solving the Isis problem

I get caught up considering my artists life doesn't require commenting or acting on major issues just as much as the next guy.  With that said, I don't stay that way for long; in fact I have many ideas of ways to go about dealing with radicals.  Much of this problem solving has to do with establishing a Line of communication with major leaders of massive attacks in public places.  That means unfortunately we can't kill the guy, but they are suicidal anyway, so that response lacks the same punch given they don't care.  We have to publicly confront the fact that they have no use in civilized society.  To devalue their existence and clarify their followers are inevitable destroying themselves indirectly.  They exist because of the philosophy they use to turn us against our own.  Their barbaric killing and public shaming only holds power as defensive.. Like it is less known the more powerful man in the room doesn't have much of a bark, their cowardice appears strong to the young and gullible.

The public needs the hidden details to make up their minds or recognize how far along we are against them.  The secrecy of covert operations holds little value or ability to destroying a social media born terrorist group.  We need to exhibit our abilities in a way that shows you what is possible without exposing how the devices work.  They're making desperate acts with the public killings and even more so when suicide is evolved, The lack of legitimate justification is no concern for followers, they can only enjoy the killing part of it all.  The responses need to be unconventional, left in the hands of anyone capable and knowledgeable of their plans.  

Right now we could benifit greatly from having Micro cultures where  we could practice pefecting present society.

To get back to what I consider a long time since my last blog, I'm trying out the google handwriting and sketchbook express with Paintbrush stylus just to make some more points.

Hopefully, my next will show my New approaches.


for August

I couldn't let the month slip by without posting on here, so here I go!   I'd like to start big and work my way down, financial systems that have grown their way into everyone's lives to begin with.  I'm not in opposition of innovation, modernism, or progress, but I belive there must eventually be a point of perfection.   The issue in today's time is the need for new everything and increasingly more immediate in being created.  I like to enjoy something unique forever if it lasts,  but there is a need to replace many of these things just to be successful.  Rich are rich because of everyone collectively valuing the contributions rich people have made,  I feel this should be temporary gratification and more reciprocal with those who bring them fortune.  In reality billionaires grow further through time as populations perpetually consume what they've created.   This is an impossible trap to escape for most, the mere idea of paradise is for wealthy to enjoy when they see fit to.   We value less of one another as currency holds tremendous value in the case of survival, comfort, and maintaining success with independence doing so.   We are unfortunately interdependent at all times of our life, people around us matter most for how far we go, how happily we do so and what's asked of us in return.   Travel has been the secret to increasing satisfaction, by seeking outside our comfort zones for more knowledge, resources and manners of using others for the benefit of our success.  Humanity holds the highest power with secrecy, allowing few to obtain populous controlling abilities and basing the need of this on maintaining civility.  All the while we all equally need skills for agricultural independence.  As each group is hated or segregated, the prejudice becomes an unnatural change to the way we're meant to live.   Imagine natives to lands of present day hunters and gatherers reach an industrialized city and develop a visual language to describe the way life is organized to what appears as extremes.   The anthropological study would appear so unusual in appearance, how we make life increasingly disconnected from nature, in favor of reproducing quality life by valuing the monetary systems that need updating.   Legality of mass murderers who are allowed life, based on modern, ever changing systems that will allow anything crude to thrive in its environment.  Growth of populations should not appear as an obstacle for rich people especially, but there should be new rules for redistribution of wealth.  We grow and learn to desensitize ourselves for the good of those who come after us, but we can't afford to ignore the crippling effects of endless ignorant robbing of human work and natural resources.  I'm proud to have the chance to paint or communicate to many my feelings, this mere ability is rewarding enough. 

 from 40th Street bridge, before art all night in Pittsburgh. 

from 40th Street bridge, before art all night in Pittsburgh. 

Something or nothing

It would be brave to go back to nature and live without a single source of income, technology, Social networking, plumbing,  or transportation.   To be in one place and get the most of it without having to venture further.   To look within oneself for true knowledge frequently would be a gamble as opposed to constructivist ideologies.  Nothing makes a place your own like going to a place where there's only nature and building an entirely new world on top of it while leaving little accents, garnishes of natural life to complement your modernity.  Living within nature without changing around or destroying anything, in fact improving on nature is the future.   It's easier done from scratch, with new batches of uninhabited (by humans) land, there can be entire cities built that have no negative impact on natural life.   As the world's population increases, the idea of favoring the biggest, densest cities will be an old way of thinking.  Managing to succeed and reach majorities through social media from anywhere on earth will make a small patch of nature as significant as a bustling metropolis.  With the advent of mobility of various products of many sizes, shapes and types of fragility or perishable likelihood anything will be possible to ship to any place it's sought after.   Amazon eventually using drones for delivery is one example, with Uber or lyft making the orders local possibilities more likely coming from headquarters just outside of nature.   It appears industry will become increasingly robotic, automated to avoid the risks and costs of humanities involvement.  City life will become increasingly dense and necessitate a rushed pace of living.   There will be a new category very soon, that of which modern city dwellers will call home. 


These two cars I'd consider timeless help to explain how design can remain significant through time.  Modernity tends to hurry us into variation of something that is fine the way it is.   There needs to be more involvement with our natural environment, Cuba seems a good example of just that. 

Wherever you reside, make it a place others will call a vacation. People make the place believe it or not..

I was looking for new shows and happened upon Hannibal,  I can see how this stuff desensitizes young men and even more mature men,   there's an appreciation for handguns that even I've been a guilty of expressing, but they're very distancing weapons.   In reality, I assume it makes crimes seem less involved, as opposed to using a machete up close and personal for example.   Automatic weapons and large caliber belong on a field of battle, or with only the most experienced of law enforcement, handguns are for those who otherwise would be in grave danger and are defenseless amongst threats.  Fearful people unfortunately need to remain around other fearful people, whichever shade they appear in direct sunlight or artificial lighting.  I have no doubt that fear is misconstrued into bravery among a certain populous that only operates through fear.   Considering Lupe's writing in response to the manifesto,  if there were less of variations to fear/degrade in general they would eventually find ways to hate themselves.   Because they have the strongest love for hatred itself, there's no chance for what civil society considers the good life.  I do remember hearing somewhere of negative masculinity being a major contributor to his actions as well,  reminding me of one of bell hooks books explaining the issues of societal norms.  The need to show defiance to such extremes as killing 6 yr old kids or an 87 yr old woman continues to go unrealized in its severity in national media.  I hope citizens stop exhibiting nievity to such extreme occurrences so the need to visualize the murders doesn't become required, don't disrespect the victims.  There are various levels of fear and hate they may say and believe,  but the truth is we often increase our step in the directions we walk, rather it's right or wrong. So as the title implies,  make your home right; every location on earth should be the very best "humanly" possible.  

 Some things we want don't have to be taken,  it's more a matter of choice than abilities to carryout the improvement we all need. 

Some things we want don't have to be taken,  it's more a matter of choice than abilities to carryout the improvement we all need. 

Thoughts for June

My self expressions make me who I am, these are my uncontested ideas,  feel free to object or refute them even this very moment.   I will pleasingly support my positions with facts,  no $media$ to be involved in this free thought. 

1. struggling rich think the poor help to keep them around 

2. filthy rich don't recognize the absence of money for the majority of people existing. 

3. the average person wishing to be rich often source knowledge of the struggling rich 

4. the uninformed intending to be rich will destroy their very foundation to merely improve their self esteem

5. the socially comfortable poor won't know what to do with large sums of money because they are more satisfied with what rich consider crumbs

6. the lazy poor aren't so bad just for seeking free incremental sums of income, much worse is their lack of curiosity or hesitation to use information gathering resources

7.  the stubborn poor will break their back, but feel the strongest pain of a headache from mental focus

8. the people in the middle of it all have a pivotal position of clarity to recognize how everyone succeeding to their maximum ability would make whoever surrounds them a friend.  

9.  the sympathetic wealthy will try to use what they have "money" to tip the scales favorably for struggling poor, but there's an entire network of many more expecting equal contributions that'll perpetuate the negative cycles.

10. the blessed, favorable, luckiest will have to shine to some extent to make those they knew before desire more. 

11. a good person is doing many a disfavor not to take up some position of leadership ,that could steer all in the appropriate direction. 

12. success has to work as a climb, no room for running backwards or slowing to the more favorable decline

13. everyone's work is for something that pleases them, the deepest love can inspire the deepest hate simultaneously

14. to release knowledge to those who it benefits most is more important than simply absorbing and retaining, to create new knowledge is the best

15. an easy test is for an attempt to carry a specific weight, the limitations of the laid out course leave less room to explore maximum strength. 

16. fear is the worst tool for creating self hate, or hate of those quite similar to ones self 

17. capital is meant to control less plentiful into requiring it , and to follow the plans of those with unlimited wealth and desire

18. life seems to move quicker for the older, wiser, richer. .and the younger, poorer, impatient have to think faster to catch up to a slow, steady climb that appears to be light speed. 

19. words are ok, but money pays bills and makes life easier,  so it'll often take the lead. ..

20. the mind should be anyones priority to please, because every type of sensation has to be relayed through it before eyes meet another's skin, or bodies intermingle, previous words spoken ensure the mind is used to its full potential to feel every moment.. a few good minds are like several universes that combine for better or worse.

21. those who receive your undivided attention will return the best serve of love you'll allow

22. time will never stop, if all living creatures have a schedule and plans and choices, it'll have to happen within their mere speck of a fraction of an unimaginable amount of time. 

23. great minds attract great minds, and are attracted to these great minds; the same rule applies to simple mindedness too 

24.  we are meant to constantly improve as time goes by,  those who have already excelled will not stop thinking to improve they would only be pleased with the additional gathering of genius


25. each of our senses need to be exercised together in reality, the lack of real sensory is how media can shape our perceptions

26. our genuine interest in or connectedness with one another are how the world solves problems a world away

27. anything that has to profit to exist is part of a business structure,  everyone enjoys a good climb; unfortunately medical, educational, and financial systems aren't much of a benefit to those served without a good down payment 

28. it takes only a single person to ruin a good community,  or to uplift the places status on the map. 

29. a poor person will do foolish things with temporary spurts of wealth, because "tomorrow isn't promised today" is in fact the reality we live in. 

30. to give what you want to get always makes sense, but another may want less or more. .   

31. an idea is shaped by society,  we wouldn't imagine much if not looking past our own front yards. 


 my choice to post a pic of my 1st set of polo boots has nothing to do with these quotes and statements.., but rather than showing my nude body,  here goes an article of clothing of sorts. . I am exposed! !

my choice to post a pic of my 1st set of polo boots has nothing to do with these quotes and statements.., but rather than showing my nude body,  here goes an article of clothing of sorts. . I am exposed! !

I like the idea of working till I'm tired,  making my own schedule count for something means becoming necessary and dependable. .