There will be prints

Yep! My next big thing..instead of blog in digital format, something more  permanent & serious that'll still fit my format . This mere acknowledgement will count as a late July post for any concerned silent followers I haven't yet met in person.  


There's this momentary pressure to further "normalize"myself, I'd like to see my new Nephew in person back home in Memphis.. This takes away from the expected all about myself lifestyle of an Artist; I need work that addresses these social issues I find most pressing.  Whether it's along the same lines as my current subtractive works or not it simply needs to happen.  My apartment could be more liveable if I hadn't tried making a studio out of it, so I'll try taking some before & after shots of that too.  Security in my current location is likely an issue too, I will live through it as life simply goes on while simultaneously  searching for security cams even in my cheap apartment.

I'm listening to "The Brain" by David Eagleman from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Find this & more at