2016 so far I see

I'd like if I were truly more interested in things most people around me do.. My present disposition is one of pure curiousity; I would much rather learn something new and useful during more relaxed time constraints.  Without pressures of academic failure, financial waste, or socially less acceptable career choice studies.  Happiness seems to come neatly bottled into groups of societal norms, to simplify/categorize us all better I guess.  As not to appear indecisive, I like to say my weekends aren't planned; I just go with the flow.  Altogether, Everything I do is very planned, in fact I need to be as close to perfect as I can as much as possible.  With what should be stressful taking place, it's not so much a worry or concern as just fitting in, being average somewhat.  I'm an in-between-er, looking for the lectures like from undergrad while also distancing myself from college/University campuses to keep from owing money.  I need to forget these concerns and do anything I want, likely writing the best fiction until it becomes my Auto-bio.  2016  looks to be a time African Americans will show how far we've come or just continue on traditional attachment to historical achievements.  I like how there are so many opportunities to choose from, I only have to become content with a lonely desire to fulfill until I ask others to assist.   Crowdsourcing would do two good  things, help me to be more involved with the public/peoples choices, and Assist in completing my aspirations or ideas.  Fitness, healthy eating, even trying yoga can put me in the boat of so many others mindset to start off the year.  I have realized however that my interest in a healthy lifestyle is unattractive to those  believing me to be superhuman.  I can't drink & smoke all the time and expect to get back to my military training records. In fact, everything I do nowadays takes a great deal of effort, prior planning, sacrifice and desire to get done right.