Beyond reality

Whenever improvements can be made there's a great opportunity to express what you would do.  This new year that's what my creativity will be, what you would get from me if I was gifted with the control and power to do bigger things.    This position of speculation is nice, not having to go all in  toward any singular direction.  Avoid any thoughts of financial incentives, payoff all bills without conscern if they are more or less than necessary.  Work full throttle each day till I'm tired or old and dead, slowing down is no longer an option.  I'm from now on devoted to perfection at all costs.  I've got an Idea, merging landscapes with  portraits, concieving solutions to global/domestic issues, all while enjoying play with aesthetics.  Gamification , 3d printing, and city building have been major interests of mine for a while now.  



Happy New Years!!