Some people aren't supposed to be comfortable to be around and deal with, that persons intensity is only a rejection of the mundane in society, like small talk is not what you want to hear from a long lost relative. Men don't have to be docile, pleasant, agreeable, submissive or silly at all, we need to be ourselves whether it's this way or that. Weakness is far too popularized right now, change comes from bold men who break things often and don't even say sorry for stepping on delicate ideas. We get hated on, & on one hand, we desire haters like a shark smelling prey.. but also we want what normal folks have, just an easy going life without having to reach extremes of down or even up so often. men start out as young men, (boys) taking one risk after another making mistakes no one would ever have guessed to become a well sculpted better version. Often times we encounter a weaker subject in our vicinity and have to be civilized around them, a person whose mind is never pleased & will always complain and create love/hate problems out of nothing. Maybe it can't really happen, like a bad match if it were a real love I speak of, weak can't relate with stronger folks & vice versa ., when the mind is stuck on something it wants, it'll go all in good or bad. If you're a real one, you don't have to be told you're doing a lot.. social media can't identify you, wealth tests *SATs can't specify what level of wokeness you possess presently or potentially. What we do and say surely matters, every activity we spend time doing avoiding idle minds factors into our growth., it can be an uncomfortable existence or very exciting depending on who joins. I want my name in a list of people who changed things for the better, not just a bucket passer but a pilot who flicks the switch on a C-130 to dump flame retardant on a wildfire. If I'm ended by fearful could be men, I'll keep a small circle who will remember what I've got planned for the future, I hope they include lessons I taught, hearts I changed, and will find open ears with respect to the risk it took. Some peoples passions are like feathers in the wind, others are like all matter that exists, from the ground we walk on to the air we breathe; totally inescapable. let men be men, let greatness grow even when it isn't your front yard, major achievements come from doing more than just enough.