Not settling

This last night was the 2nd time police inconvenienced me within the new year, getting an Xbox appraised for buyback or resale.  Me & a possible buyer looked scary to the cashier, I'd been there about an hour to buy a Rug doctor too just after to get my car back fresh clean again.  I'll call them 5 guys, that much man power over a fearful cashiers false assumptions, her fear was valued more than my eventual sense of harrassment taking place.  The 1st time I was writing my 1st book while charging, the CMU security was fearful I'd cost them I guess when they asked if I studied there or who I knew there.  I actually laughed with the mob of cops this time; the fact they were requested was ridiculous enough already, in reality this never becomes normal to me.  So the questions came, how do you know the guy?, you were both acting strange, come back here! , they said you looked strange.. whatever though, it's annoying when this crap keeps occurring.  I had a real talk with them when I told them a solution, more jobs in the "hoods".  They had their "but" moment, & I told them I'm not a typical man you should approach in this manner, in different words. I seek to improve and change what we currently value and hold dear to us as reality, I told them I'm writing a book and to google the Venus project in FLA.  They spoke as if they had no voice for change, merely menial enforcers of bosses orders then? I told them they have a voice just as much as I do.  If they should stumble upon this post later since they know me after scanning my license ,they should know I stand by all I spoke last night.  It was weird as hell being approached like that, especially after buying a $100 dollar vacuum too., they said they had altercations with law enforcement in their youth; if I didn't then I'll laugh now it shouldn't have ever even happened last night and I'm adult.  So I was also unshaven to contrast me even more with their apperance being an all white lack of diversity.  If it's usually that bad what bearded black men do, allow me to make this adjustment to their preconceptions all on my own.  How else will change occur if we aren't exemplifying betterment on each end of these dilemmas??  I'm no longer concerned with becoming part of a whole anyway, this isn't even a new branch, it's a new tree with multiple branches of its own; very fertile needing no genetic modifications or artificial fert.  My ideas are for permanent change, we all know & feel the problem of Capitalism.  We try to swallow its disgustingness with temporary little moments it kinda sorta works in our favor.  I'll be the highly sensitive man when I say this is fucking insane to be calling a normal way of life.  Innovation will not end without a monetary system of incentives, it would thrive.  Everyone satisfied finally living off an overabundance of Earth, finally will have time to be true to themselves.  We are naturally born creatives, our sense of desperation thwarts our originality in favor of survival.  Our choices are what distinguish us all from one another, jobs & skill can be beside the point as time proceeds; we need to learn to live in peace with or without money stringing us into laborious dance.  I need to be painting again, don't force a hermit lifestyle on me just to stay functioning though.


The workforce portrayed for Carnegie shows dignity, Barnett Newman verticality like Homo erectus, exculding the face of black men participating for all to see.. who was behind the scenes, in the more dangerous parts of the job? Rich men are thugs, but thankfully they made Castles to hold the best thought of humanity creating.  (will rotate later by the way)