March 20, 2016 at 06:05

We like to be with happy, unique people so often but are only left with the scraps from social groups hogging all of their individuality.  Some places inspire people to lose themselves in masses of people, to maintain there's no other choice but to follow the mainstream.  The mainstream" varies unfortunately, depending on each locations design, behavior & climate. "What group are you in?" the underlying prevailing question if it isn't super-obvious already.  I earn income legally to pay bills in order to maintain & avoid too early of a death or unfulfilling life story.  My passion is not occupational, it is not a requirement but a choice, a vice, a necessary counterweight to balance me chemically.  This isn't an elaborately drawn out story describing how to ideally live life to the fullest; not secretly bragging about my own personal endeavors.  My intention isn't to redirect your interests, gain/regain respect, or upset every reader.  All the while my lack of concern for another persons opinion of me is what makes me laugh at and even desire to hear racist or overall hateful peoples opinions.  Ignorance is entertaining, we have to admit this fact to understand why it persists so...  people desire the bad guy who is borderline good underneath the façade, the exhibiting of stubbornness & danger benefitting his eventual taking up for the weaker good.  To have a mate unafraid to pursue, no inner fear of rejection, meaning they're okay with not having everything go their way.  All the while shy, less aggressive appear entitled, spoiled, & passive aggressive in their quieter more conservative manner.    So the humble/Meek/timid can be feared even more so; usually in the quiet minds of those who best understand the thought process as it goes.  There's such thing as a necessary evil because it sheds light on an otherwise hidden agenda.  So before we condemn public enemy #1, we should respect their reluctance to hide who they truly are.  To have complete disgust/opposition for hateful people means relinquishing ones self of any form of hate as well.  The obvious clouding of judgement hate brings about should be the priority deciding factor for anyone on the fence.