The big picture isn't my concern, I'm going through trouble enough on my own. If my land is colonized and infected I'll have to make sure to follow the rules of the oppressor in order to even survive. My land is paradise, the enemy has bigger weapons to take it and greater greed to consume it. The media makes me into a monster,  after their explicit history of dehumanizing treatment. It becomes a challenge to consider them tourists; they like to change so many things. Why bring industry that was needed in their lands when it's so pleasantly warm here? These changes don't appear as gifts, not only because they forced us to take our land with guns. They showed us how to  kill and hate each other, they enticed us with their modern luxuries. I now want to be just like them, or else like many I know who have perished.  Their media consumes my thoughts, better than real life it is. Although I am always an enemy in their stories, it looks so exciting.  My woman disrespects me, only complaining of the smaller issues that effect us as a pair, when their lies a bigger issue for me to deal with for the land we live in as a whole.  She only wants me to get by, like everyone else, as I do now as well.  Her body is so expressive, I'm afraid her mind is no longer as conscious as I've desired before, but this makes her special and unique, her friends do it too.  My issues are bigger than a narrow focus can obtain in a single view, but appearances are what matter most for our human state of being. We consume the more valuable information through our eyes, reading peoples faces and 2-dimensional  texts.  Our voices are holding less value as this trend grows, even with technology recording us, the format reigns supreme.  People kill masses for power and influence, and wealthy friendships are wrapped in attractive titles such as politics. The uncivilized manner of regaining control is only uncivil if it was taken, often times by uncivilized force.  Peaceful marches and demonstrations are best for the younger public consumption to avoid an uprising.  The wiser realize power is as necessary as the life value of water and air, without it you simply die.  Military is our most significant power, with the attractive blinding visuals of media to make it more a stealth than the matt black industrial paint from the 90s bombers.  Overal I have to ask myself why do I even care so much, being born so far away. So far away from a people who let me go as trade, or if not that made me weak enough for it to even take place.  This me being an  ancestor I can only prove Important by being a success in the present time and place. I a natural born adventurer, I seek new places over those that are familiar. It's about time family met up in new places at this time of year. One major difference as African-Americans,  is our desire to go new places; expanding and/or redefining our generation and culture. I feel completely new, theres now the world and me to have my way with it.  Not to devalue or not appreciate history, but to add a significant branch to a withered and damaged tree that can place its roots in any soil.  


This concludes my attempt at a full google handwritten blog. It was for most of this text just that, with only about 5% done  yesterday on the draft! The paintbrush stylus on sketchbook express was too small an Image to see; it was political comic quickly drawn. BTW-by the way, this handwriting only consist of my thumb, trying to get the most with the least.