Black history

It continues..


I think the wealthiest innovators have too many restrictions & rules they aren't able to break to improve the quality of life for most of humanity, they could at least write the fiction we dream of as all hands are tightly tied by capitalism, bureaucracy, privilege & biological needs to exist.  This sharing of thoughts we're allowed has limits when the right people to make improvements are distracted by what's forced in front of them in order to continue a market value success.  Evolving of goals means bully societies like (Russia/USA) will take 2nd place to diverse & equal access to education (wiser) societies.  I'm not pleased yet with the current rate of progress, it's dreadfully slowed, the worlds written and already imagined ideas have demonstrated far more several laps around commonplace work for pay or need to kill one another to be a stronger whole.

  Slavery to robotics one could say & fair share for ones workday never was paid, the chance came & went so it's too late to bargan.  something is missing, so much unused or unoccupied space restricted by income meant to be explored & at least temporarily lived in by anyone with legs to walk it.  I'll have to refuse to settle for the best of what's currently offered, be increasingly sensitive & even avoid desensitizing indulgencies.  We're all built to inhabit & explore the entire sphere + more beyond our own, the many senses we have are meant to absorb or avoid what we come across as we proceed.  To follow an ideal is a risk to the biggest risk taking types, to ignore current capabilities advances in tech allows is worse than location based religious fanaticism many decades ago.


The modern black person will break many rules, will make new rules, & will lead without any physical weapons or force but mere examples of decency deeply influencing masses to follow.  There would be no catch, no back to walk on like red carpet to distinguish 1 from another.  Fights would only exist between wild animals one studies for population control, eventually entire systems of higher learning will regard it unnecessary in a progressive society.  NASA would become diverse, the new Army, & everyone would have to sign up at 27 yrs of age to eventually explore far from their local upbringing.  Healthcare robotic, CEOs algorithms, Farming would be one of the last or few human jobs left as even educators are turned to gamification.  Neck breaking change occurs because that's the current rate we (I) was born in.  There's an environment people are best suited to live in, a comfortable Temp, clean air, no need to heat or cool oneself sacrificing resources to do so.  Still the ability to explore extremes helps the itch of curiosity., Fear can get categorized as an psychological abnormality for all I car DSM-whatever it may be, lack of knowledge should become a relic of the past.