True genius should never be limited by financial constraints.  My way of avoiding the feeling of being carried in the wind is to write.  I have desire to change how cities work, more permanent structures meant to last forever, symbolizing the thoughtful citizens who reside there and never want to leave.  People of all kinds will learn and study out of curiosity alone as if money no longer exists.  We all immediately imagine loosing our products for basic hygiene, plumbing failures, lights out and systems like mass consumerism failing to reach us without money.  What if our innovation grows stagnant without incentive or rewards for higher achievement we may think, but recognition should be enough if everyone else is living happily as well.  Our planet was originally open for exploration free of cost, our love for comforting accessories in our modern world makes us avoid nature.  Technology gives us a false comforting sense that far away destinations are just a nice picture from a friend with their delightful interpretations.  Reality only occurs within our minds, we will all interpret earth in our own special way.  The taste, smell, feel and sound of our surroundings shape how much or little we enjoy or despise it.   As an artist in todays world I'm torn in between a carefree embrace of life as it is and a deep painstaking desire to change every speck of it all to suit my vision of perfection.  Writing will ease my desire for more, to give everyone a sense of what it is that goes on in my mind all the time.  The way I see things now, temporary is always old, because I see it quickly being replaced as soon as it occurs.  The way our current system works we will forever be tied to wealth, with the uphill climb blinding our sense of destructiveness, overuse of resources and hate from and for people simply taking up more of our bought and assigned spaces.

It is much easier when the system works to everyones advantage, we may want it to last forever as if there is not a single thing wrong with it.  Eventually we will run out of solutions using money to resolve our unnatural behaviors.  There are now systems for enabling more access to those of us with the desire and abilities to rise, but there has to be a better top to look forward to.  The goal I would have if I were a billionaire wouldn't be to make more, but to end the need of it altogether.. it isn't impossible, it's actually quite a bit of an artists job in my point of view.  Make everything more appealing, landscapes more desirable, foods more healthy and tasty, rid the air of foul aromas to more pleasant trees, so much more goes on visually than people are able or willing to realize.   


The prints were started at A.I.R (artists image resources/Northside) several months ago, I've been at a deciding point for my work to include text in some form or another.  Dana Bishop-Root was a great person to run into driving for Lyft; she told me about the more local print shop maybe less than 3 miles away from my place!


Each letter was hand drawn in a large sketch pad I found in my junky apartment stencils were hand drawn just before my playful meandering linear drawings, then it was all captured by my cellphone and slightly cleaned with some photoshop direction from Leslie at the Braddock Carnegie Library.   


This will be cut through the middle and include entirely new text drawings for these sketches to become something great.  


This is a straight forward view to show how faint such an idea is addressing masses overwhelmed by big, bright and bold advertisements to buy and consume.  In honest comparison, we have to give citizens more choice as far as healthier eating, economic opportunities, travel, and even just being decent more so than not.  Ads for cigarettes or beer are outstanding in their presence, so copied into all types of vehicles, products, entertainment and everyday life.  Now is a time when what is popular can be deadly to us all and detrimental to our planet, so we must take it upon ourselves to discern as much of it on a daily as our minds can.