Solving the Isis problem

I get caught up considering my artists life doesn't require commenting or acting on major issues just as much as the next guy.  With that said, I don't stay that way for long; in fact I have many ideas of ways to go about dealing with radicals.  Much of this problem solving has to do with establishing a Line of communication with major leaders of massive attacks in public places.  That means unfortunately we can't kill the guy, but they are suicidal anyway, so that response lacks the same punch given they don't care.  We have to publicly confront the fact that they have no use in civilized society.  To devalue their existence and clarify their followers are inevitable destroying themselves indirectly.  They exist because of the philosophy they use to turn us against our own.  Their barbaric killing and public shaming only holds power as defensive.. Like it is less known the more powerful man in the room doesn't have much of a bark, their cowardice appears strong to the young and gullible.

The public needs the hidden details to make up their minds or recognize how far along we are against them.  The secrecy of covert operations holds little value or ability to destroying a social media born terrorist group.  We need to exhibit our abilities in a way that shows you what is possible without exposing how the devices work.  They're making desperate acts with the public killings and even more so when suicide is evolved, The lack of legitimate justification is no concern for followers, they can only enjoy the killing part of it all.  The responses need to be unconventional, left in the hands of anyone capable and knowledgeable of their plans.  

Right now we could benifit greatly from having Micro cultures where  we could practice pefecting present society.

To get back to what I consider a long time since my last blog, I'm trying out the google handwriting and sketchbook express with Paintbrush stylus just to make some more points.

Hopefully, my next will show my New approaches.