Time Travel & Audience

Since the writing I'm starting will be sci-fi, I'd like to emphasize the unique awesomeness that the ability to travel through time would be.  World travel, by the way, should be as natural & unhindered as breathing. I guess the idea of 1 place for all maintains peace & keeps the advantageous resources safe for a happier people.  If the ability to thrive off the fruits of the land is hindered & turned into weapons creation to steal & industry to build for human replacement it looks like a playworld for Adults to mess up every morning they go to work.

I see it being a population issue, when I imagine with all the interconnection of modern times that we are still making the same mistakes by going back in time.  History is exciting, reputable study but America has to be linear, forward progressing if you're asking me.  Like yelling don't spread opportunity all over, don't diversify the type of work people can do.  We are still sympathetic to large, all encompassing companies to fight for their tax breaks.  Audience is & should be the motivation for driving great ideas up or crappy ones down, but depending on it's demographics this can work the other way around just as well.  

I like when things are exactly right, no need to change, argue or set things straight.  These are times that'll require some rejection from popularized norms.  One of the toughest relationships that should end with trophies for sticking through it will be this excessively republican admin.  I of all people should say give people a chance to prove themselves, but this isn't based on what another similar looking person did. We aren't comparing apples & oranges, my pains vs. yours; everyone can benifit from people who fight for all rights.

 So much more can be said for how people speak, write & use invisible systems to prolong their negativity.  Just because a person wins doesn't make it the peak of perfection everyone should strive for.  We see a star & want to be one too, we are all stars though only needing to shine brighter.  Identity is a valueable that shouldn't be for sale., I get envied by wealthy people even, because I don't need so much extra bs to be satisfied & complete.