How to acquire your own original

My additional goal along with spreading my beliefs and Ideas to the minds and places of visitors and collectors is to receive profit in doing so.  

My visual examples of recent works without red dots represent the actual works that are available for purchase with an inquiry from prospective buyers preferably by e-mail.  

If the works are currently being exhibited and used for relaying my thoughts and Ideas through art shows,/exhibitions/openings, I would like to communicate this in response to anyone interested in immediate ownership of one of my works of art. 

If you want a fresh new work of art, your choice of size, colors, sketch; my fees will occur weekly for momentarily created works and an end fee to complete payment and/or a shipment fee.  

I will not charge shipping for locations within a 60 mile radius of Pittsburgh PA, If the works are within the 36"x36" scale; I will transport the art with my own vehicle.  

My life and art will grow together through time, so I will show off works as I create and maintain possession of each piece.  

These rules are subject to change due to improving circumstances as time proceeds, eventually meaning additional works with less limitations of storage I can use to maintain and hold the works.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via any of my links.. or comment on here!  most of my links are open for public input.  


240 321 9369