Thoughts for June

My self expressions make me who I am, these are my uncontested ideas,  feel free to object or refute them even this very moment.   I will pleasingly support my positions with facts,  no $media$ to be involved in this free thought. 

1. struggling rich think the poor help to keep them around 

2. filthy rich don't recognize the absence of money for the majority of people existing. 

3. the average person wishing to be rich often source knowledge of the struggling rich 

4. the uninformed intending to be rich will destroy their very foundation to merely improve their self esteem

5. the socially comfortable poor won't know what to do with large sums of money because they are more satisfied with what rich consider crumbs

6. the lazy poor aren't so bad just for seeking free incremental sums of income, much worse is their lack of curiosity or hesitation to use information gathering resources

7.  the stubborn poor will break their back, but feel the strongest pain of a headache from mental focus

8. the people in the middle of it all have a pivotal position of clarity to recognize how everyone succeeding to their maximum ability would make whoever surrounds them a friend.  

9.  the sympathetic wealthy will try to use what they have "money" to tip the scales favorably for struggling poor, but there's an entire network of many more expecting equal contributions that'll perpetuate the negative cycles.

10. the blessed, favorable, luckiest will have to shine to some extent to make those they knew before desire more. 

11. a good person is doing many a disfavor not to take up some position of leadership ,that could steer all in the appropriate direction. 

12. success has to work as a climb, no room for running backwards or slowing to the more favorable decline

13. everyone's work is for something that pleases them, the deepest love can inspire the deepest hate simultaneously

14. to release knowledge to those who it benefits most is more important than simply absorbing and retaining, to create new knowledge is the best

15. an easy test is for an attempt to carry a specific weight, the limitations of the laid out course leave less room to explore maximum strength. 

16. fear is the worst tool for creating self hate, or hate of those quite similar to ones self 

17. capital is meant to control less plentiful into requiring it , and to follow the plans of those with unlimited wealth and desire

18. life seems to move quicker for the older, wiser, richer. .and the younger, poorer, impatient have to think faster to catch up to a slow, steady climb that appears to be light speed. 

19. words are ok, but money pays bills and makes life easier,  so it'll often take the lead. ..

20. the mind should be anyones priority to please, because every type of sensation has to be relayed through it before eyes meet another's skin, or bodies intermingle, previous words spoken ensure the mind is used to its full potential to feel every moment.. a few good minds are like several universes that combine for better or worse.

21. those who receive your undivided attention will return the best serve of love you'll allow

22. time will never stop, if all living creatures have a schedule and plans and choices, it'll have to happen within their mere speck of a fraction of an unimaginable amount of time. 

23. great minds attract great minds, and are attracted to these great minds; the same rule applies to simple mindedness too 

24.  we are meant to constantly improve as time goes by,  those who have already excelled will not stop thinking to improve they would only be pleased with the additional gathering of genius


25. each of our senses need to be exercised together in reality, the lack of real sensory is how media can shape our perceptions

26. our genuine interest in or connectedness with one another are how the world solves problems a world away

27. anything that has to profit to exist is part of a business structure,  everyone enjoys a good climb; unfortunately medical, educational, and financial systems aren't much of a benefit to those served without a good down payment 

28. it takes only a single person to ruin a good community,  or to uplift the places status on the map. 

29. a poor person will do foolish things with temporary spurts of wealth, because "tomorrow isn't promised today" is in fact the reality we live in. 

30. to give what you want to get always makes sense, but another may want less or more. .   

31. an idea is shaped by society,  we wouldn't imagine much if not looking past our own front yards. 


my choice to post a pic of my 1st set of polo boots has nothing to do with these quotes and statements.., but rather than showing my nude body,  here goes an article of clothing of sorts. . I am exposed! !

my choice to post a pic of my 1st set of polo boots has nothing to do with these quotes and statements.., but rather than showing my nude body,  here goes an article of clothing of sorts. . I am exposed! !

I like the idea of working till I'm tired,  making my own schedule count for something means becoming necessary and dependable. .