The Great Tour   created March 26th 2006

There was one cold day on planet earth, 3063 AD, when epochs of two distinct kinds appeared in one place; it was a stormy night before in an old, filthy, abandoned city.  Strong winds blew through the land; trees snapped, houses were scrapped from their foundations and enormous buildings were bending so much they just slipped to the ground.  The vast winds were strong in force, sweeping the sundew from the morning grass.  Most of the dust and ground of the land was blown into the air, very few who inhabited the land survived.  Large boulders and cobblestone flew through the atmosphere at roaring speeds; people could not dodge the rocks, which sounded like lightning cracking through the sky.  Some of the people were decapitated, and others lost their lives from ripped off limbs or their bodies getting busted open by the stones.  But one family of people lived their lives underground, only because they wanted to stay safe from the barbaric people that lived their lives above the ground in the special city.  As the broad disaster thinned out and slowed down the last rocks fell like lightning without warning sounds; the small family came out at about four o’clock in the morning. 

Everyone in the city and throughout the nation was shocked to see that such an ephemeral storm had scrapped the land flat, disregarding the consequences of the previous wars.  This family was not normal where they lived, there were various different races and religions living in their home, the nation was started and held up with the idea of ethnocentrism.  All ways of life had changed as different societies grew and grew in isolated areas until they exploded all throughout the world.  Very few people around survived the wars that each country held with each other.  There were many world and civil wars that were started between every country with a set of rules governing or controlling the behavior of its people.  America bombed northern Africa, Asia, Russia, and Europe.  North of South America was bombed with nukes from South Africa, and Australia and New Zealand some how got into a war with Greenland and middle eastern countries.  Only the smallest populations and uninhabited islands were left untouched by the widespread and evenly distributed acts of destruction.  With all these wars going on, people from every country joined arms in the destruction and slaughter of people from every other country; this was in order to bring world peace and end all poverty.  All that came of the war was a vast number of men, women, boys and girls lives being taken.  All forms of technology had been destroyed or stopped from production because of war and frustration.  Very little food was available as the number of animals and vegetations decreased because of bombing.  Some food became too toxic to eat; people were placed in positions to test the food as punishment for crimes. 

There was something else odd about the land that seemed to be caused by the storm; it was as if the storm had sliced the top off of the largest mountain in their nation, and it revealed a large path of bright blue, purple and white light, beaming to the sky. All that had survived the wars were a few special adults and children who avoided joining the war, keeping themselves separated from the deadly society.  The few children were only as talented as their parents had required of them or taught them to be, but the exception was Joseph.  Only a young man at the time, he grew up in a world that developed the death of the future; nineteen years old he was, but he and the other people around him did not know the time they lived in or their age.  They only recognized the very noticeable changes in people as they themselves grew older and their friends or common folk got older, such as young men with facial hair and young women with breast being fit for each other.  Joseph had only inherited his parents’ strength and instinct to develop a good situation out of the bad.  The oldest people knew a little about time but could not keep up with it; however they understood more languages. 

Joseph was a very smart, quick, curious young man; he had little entertainment except for memories and creating very captivating art and hieroglyphics.  He had become a good listener; though he was quiet, he was always observant of other peoples’ behaviors.  He had dark rough textured hair, a dark skin color and intense focused eyes that appeared to be clairvoyance.   He had a very mature adult appearance that came from experience in traveling the world, this was his favorite pastime.  Girls in his time were very arrogant and wild, he was left without any interest in the most of them; having children and looking good were their finest qualities.  He had the greatest passion and desire for love with women; he spent most of his time trying to simply find ways to approach girls, understanding them would be the most difficult.  It always seemed as if the profound knowledge he knew of was erudition because no one around him knew it.  He had no erudition; schools, books and all other places for knowledge were destroyed.  He was one of the few who had good, well rounded parents’ in spite of all the devastating evil things occurring.  He was a great traveler who knew various different cultures; listening is how he perceived most of his talents.  He had no job to manage except for keeping himself alive, avoiding starvation, depression, and leading or teaching younger followers.  People always thought he was unusual; he had been in the nation of Kantatuk for two years, so the people restricted him from leaving the kingdom.  When he tried to show them important new knowledge they would not listen to him.  Embracing their own knowledge, they repudiated him many times; his life was only enriched by his vicissitudes.  As the surviving people on land and his family celebrated, he continued to stare at the very distant mountain; at this time he told no one what he had seen.  No one would believe what he or she could not see; with every one running and jumping around each other celebrating and crying they did not and did not care to notice Joseph escaping the city.  Joseph had lived in Europe, Peru, Zanzibar, Canada and Asia in his very busy life.  He had spent his first four years in Canada, two years in each other country as well as five years in Scotland.  He was traveling to India before he was lost out in the sea and brought to the new land.  Every place he traveled to held populations from eight hundred to only about seventy three thousand people.  Because of the wars that had occurred, great skyscrapers, bridges and other landmarks were completely destroyed, navigators had soon become valuable.  The further decline in population may have improved the living environment, but it was depressing to the point of suicide for most of the population’s deceased relatives.

Joseph made his way to the mountain in the morning, the horizon was deep in color and magnificent in size, the sun was bright orange like fresh fruit in the spring, and the edge of the sky ended with an eccentric shape; since there were no tall buildings or trees to obscure the view, the sight was astonishing.  The high mountain still held his attention with the mysterious iridescent blue, purple and white glow flowing straight into the sky; he saw it less and less as he neared it. As he made his way to the top he met two peculiar girls; they were beautiful, with long silky dark hair, soft skin, full breast, and pretty eyes enthralling him; they looked like they were not from around Kantatuk, but he was sure he was still there.  Even though he spoke and understood various languages, he could not understand the two girls as they talked to each other.  One of his friends in the past said it was pussy talk, because guys don’t ever talk soft.  They whispered to each other and smiled at him, but he just could not understand what they were doing.  They were dressed in very soft, pastel color thin skirts that appeared to be transparent because of the way they fit their bodies.  The two girls noticed that by pointing at each other they could tell him their names; the tall girl was Anerika, the girl Josephs height was Amenia.  The girls were intelligent, they had on no shoes but their feet looked soft and small, their hands were gentle, their fingernails glistened, and their bodies were smooth and unscarred; they appeared to be far more beautiful than other good looking girls he had seen in his life.  Joseph finally spoke to the two girls asking, “Do you two speak English?”  They both responded in unison in an admirable tone, “Yes, we do, and where are you from?”  I am from here, replied Joseph ignoring their interesting way of speaking at request.  He became the center of conversation as soon as they started talking to him, continuing on with the girls, joking, and smiling, complementing them time after time; his ego always made him the center of attention. 

He had only done things on his own throughout most of his life, so the girls seemed very arousing and seductive to him, it was their gentle gestures and the sexy sound of their voices.  They were flirting with him slightly; making him come to them, delicately controlling him and using their pretty girls plan to brake down grown men.  But Joseph was far from having a clue about what the girls were doing to him, they were only teasing him for something else they wanted, he honestly thought they just wanted sex like most girls he met; he wouldn’t have minded that at all.  They were commonly known in their land to tease some grown men into doing things that they would never have attempted with their own narrow minded motivation.  The girls understood their bodies very well, flaunting and exhibiting the rounded parts of their bodies, wearing fruity fragrances as they practiced walking to please.  Joseph was weak to the attractive lure of the girls; blinded by every little message they sent him.  The younger girl seemed to really take pleasure in him, but the older girl constantly brought her back to their original plan.  They wanted to get him to test the light rays coming out of the mountain for them.  They finally asked him if he would test the light rays for them, showing off their innocent looking faces.  He rejected their plan and told them he would have to be crazy to do that for them, feeling ashamed that they did not want to have sexual intercourse with him.  Joseph thought only of falling in love with them; he had never been in such a dangerous situation in his entire life. 

The girls, realizing his intense admiration and infatuation with them, whispered their plan to each other as he took a leak; they did something to him that made him feel like he was the creator of the universe.  The older girl made and arousing gesture that represented the best feeling he would ever have while slowly slipping out of her clothes, then the other girl slowly made love to him while her friend helped her.  The younger girl became joyful as she was given the main position with him; she took full advantage of the moment.  Joseph became quiet, teeming with physical desires before he met the girls; he was forced into a release he never could have anticipated.  The two girls’ gentle bodies enveloped him, as he needed to only feel each move or position they attempted.  They went through the most exotic positions, and with incredible focus and skill, they made him feel more experienced and in charge of them then he could have ever imagined.  He swallowed his anxiety and returned his gratitude; making a very special commitment to them, while loosing control of his mind.  The girls had such a passionate curiosity for the world; like Joseph they were travelers also, but they could never do something as daring, thrilling, and strange in their lives.  Joseph made his way to the powerful, brilliant and odd light of the mountain. 

The mountain had a precisely hidden vortex of time expanding energy beams, compressed tightly inside a sphere made up of smaller spheres that reflected light in every direction, refracting everything but space in every direction.  Energy and any matter that was consumed on each mirror were finally placed into the middle of the large sphere, generating a high speed light directed into space.  The top was damaged by the storm, turning this man made marvel into a deadly voyage through time and space, an undetermined destination.  The storm just barely caught the tip of the mountain, this was the best place to put such a powerful device; this was stronger than a volcano.  The machine was very strange to him, he used to build things all the time, but he never could have imagined building something as strange like it.  For five hours Joseph walked around the top edge of the mountain, looking for different ways to safely approach the machine and get into the light; he did not know what the machine was for, it could have been a weapon of mass destruction, directed towards stupid people who would test it to see what it is.  Observing him, the girls grew very impatient with his contemplations, so once again they began to touch him, kiss him, embrace him, and make love to him in order to ease his mind.  The girls became tired and weak from trying to break his mental strength and change his mind; the younger girl became emotional as she confessed what they were trying to do.

Joseph finally gave in to them, after seven hours of satisfaction; he quickly jumped into the beams of light.  In the light, Joseph was sent to another planet somewhere in the galaxy; he just barely made it without loosing his life.  The planet appeared to have a dark atmosphere with black clouds and a dreary blue sky at all times of day.  He saw no way of return from the planet, but there were many other places to be seen; he would eventually begin to forget where he came from and what life was like.  When he made it to the mainland of the planets environment he did not know what to do.  First of all, he was not supposed to make it anywhere considering the ignorance he had of the dare the girls gave him, second of all he did not know what the place was like, but fortunately he was in an abandoned area where no one there tended to be in sight, sound, or existence.  He was busy with his new routine of fighting practice, when he met a complicated older wiser man who had also lived through destruction.  His name was Wilsontomiller; he was around ninety years old when he had been an historian in his small town, located in the middle of destruction. Like Joseph, he was very clever in his youth, raised in the muck of society by one very strong woman.  Holding jobs and going to school was all that he enjoyed doing as destructive, filthy people surrounded him. At the age of forty-eight he began to make use of the knowledge and experiences that he held inside himself for so long.  Starting as a psychologist, then a philosopher, an artist and a doctor, he eventually became an historian because he got old.  He had fallen in love with only one woman when he was thirty-seven, only because he had a hard time picking good women.  His wife was a physical therapist, very much like him, but her emotional state burdened him because of her selfishness.  They had done so many kinds of things together, but he was most intrigued by her consideration for physical love.  This physical skill was something she always had; being capable of stimulating him even while he was deeply dreaming or so much she would make him deeply dream; he was always unclear of it.  He began to explain to Joseph the good and the bad that came with his life, as Joseph remained at a fearful state of attention.

He and Joseph had some similar characteristics; they both unconsciously mitigated the exceptional topics of their conversations.  Joseph was an obdurate young man, only changing if it would significantly benefit his growth and strength.  As the old man described the situations of his colorful youth, Joseph extrapolated the clear thoughts of the old man, comparing them to the depressing presence of the moment in time in which he lived in then.  The old man was very boastful about his position in society; he grew up around belligerent men and sexually eager as well as ignorant women.  The more he helped people, the more there dependence on him increased, Joseph ultimately held an antagonistic but real friendship with him.  As he became an adult in his time, he had various different women desiring his presence and physical stamina.  He was originally gullible to his societies beliefs as he thought all the women loved him; the women lived simple busy lifestyles, he could only be a tool for them.  He was a critical person, disappointing masses of women who wanted him, his wife became the first serious woman he made love to; she became a woman when she met him.  The obtrusive old man finally listened to Joseph as he began to explain to Wilsontomiller what he himself was like.  He described himself as a calm, quiet and thoughtful individual with no worries; he began to take things seriously because of how short he found out his life could last.  Knowing about the entire world, he desired changing it for good reasons.  Throughout his life his eyes were focused on eternal bliss, he liked girls for a while, but soon realized it wasn’t right to give up his heart so soon.  He realized that he held within him the soul of a man and the heart of a child.  Though capable of achieving things that only men could achieve, the loss of his parents attenuated his ability to love, he was conflicted with many desires almost impossible to experience.  He sought after a heavenly love from a girl, and to be successful.  The girls around him had very little love; they lived crude, hedonistic lifestyles and found only disgust in caring and serious people like him. 

His veraciousness alone led young women to disregard his manhood, as he grew frustrated with their insouciance, their disrespectful ways as well as their quick, thou naïve thinking about meaningful things; he took into consideration a sexual movement that most men weren’t aware of.  He soon realized he was meant for a woman, only one amazing woman, since he was so critical in his youth.  As he diligently changed his focus from the girls in his generation to other things, he quickly became disinterested and unconcerned with talking to the old man, so he began to walk away and think about his life as a kid in his original home.  The old man called him loudly, questioning his quick change of mind and action, but he only replied to himself “I need to shut up sometimes”.  He thought about the different kinds of people that he had met in his long little life.  There was once a group of people who acted exactly like each other; he found it difficult to fit in with them because of his self-sufficient attitude.  The people always looked up to the exciting, fast moving, short lived leaders, rich people, and entertainers in their society.  If the person in leadership looked good enough and acted pleasing to them, they would worship him or her with full hearts open for pleasure or pain.  Eventually someone who was very appealing to them and had quick success in their role in society had an embarrassing downfall.  They cared deeply about their leader and didn’t want to appear unfortunate for deciding to follow him.  So each and every one of them did as much as they could to emulate him, people started to kill each other, hate each other and bring about pain to each other as if it was necessary behavior.  Thousands of people trying to do what their leader did finally finished by killing themselves early, though they never got to enjoy the success that he had or the amazing admiration and respect from multitudes of people.  As Joseph thought about these things, he had to stop and think about himself.  Most of the time he did not like thinking about himself; it was very disappointing to remember his downfall to success ratio.  But he himself could have followed that great leader and died with the multitude of people, some of them his close friends.  This would have saved him so much sorrow, as so many people who he knew personally, fell into the trap of the one eyed beast, as he considered his second leader.  This man seemed to see only one way and understand only one direction for success.  He would rather hate everyone, even himself, love money because it made life good for him, and use women for his bodily pleasures, as if they weren’t even alive to him.   He was said to have had very serious problems with women and having relationships or love with them; it may have been the art at that time.   On the contrary Joseph knew about some amazing women in different parts of his nation; they always seemed impossible to get with.  When Joseph made love to one of the women-since he actually knew only a few of them-he felt incredible.  He found women who understood everything about him and what he was about, naturally knowing exactly how to please him and push him on to the next step in pursuing his ambitions.

As time went by Joseph continued his ritual things, traveling the new land he was sent to.  He always traveled when he got the chance, from lands made of dense forests and enormous mountains; to land that was flat dry and dusty.  He rarely traveled the seas because they were lonely and depressing, only courage and joy motivated him.  Usually, when he traveled he met the strangest people around each place he went to.  He was always curious about how, why, and where something started or began to take place.  He was nearly overwhelmed as he first began to leave his home, starting his most exclusive voyages.  Joseph always had a weak spot for women he met, having very little passion without emotional feelings attached.  He met many of his friends when he traveled; some of his friends were loud, extroverted and full of life, others may have been secretive, timid, or down to earth.  Always enjoying the presence of his friends, he was usually unfriendly.  One kind of person he never anticipated was an enemy, someone who meant to only harm him, putting a quick end to his progress.  Little did he know, as he smiled, talked, and played with his friends, that there were enemies lurking in the same places that he found his best friends.  Hate, envy, jealousy and greed motivated and controlled his enemies to the edge of their existence.  He needed to be very careful, his openhearted attitude and honest as well as modest behavior gave enemies a clear sight of the target they desired.  He was humble, always on the look out for anything to happen; he wouldn’t feel pain unless it was emotional. 

Once in a hot humid summer in northwest America, when he was only sixteen years old, he went out with his favorite girl.  They planned the whole day for each other, they fixed each other breakfast and bought lunch, Joseph made dinner.  It was past midnight when he treated the girl to every little thing that she desired, as she was four years older and had experienced and lost the love that only he could renew.  They had eaten, talked and cuddled comfortably with each other, when suddenly everything seemed to have gotten quiet.  This girl he knew and loved was always obsessed with herself, showing only a little concern for him at every good moment.  She would never know he was a virgin at the time; he was led by many of his friends to believe that he was going to exercise with her body.  Though he was conscious of the girls’ ignorance of his inexperience which he misunderstood himself, he considered the girl a reflection of his love; he wouldn’t change his mind for anything, even himself.  The girl had a bad history of many strange friends that she enjoyed; she kept them concealed with her quietness.  All that he knew about her is that pleasing her would satisfy his heart, as he could barley comprehend the kind of love he was meant to have.  As they both lied on the cool, dry ground, kissing and touching, he made his move with his right hand beneath her waist.  She was pleased with his movements and begged for more, so he quickly continued by spreading her legs and matching up with her body.  He felt a rush of energy as he pushed himself inside her deepest, softest, wettest, tightest and most intimate body part.  As she relentlessly screamed and moaned he became confused as she consistently rushed him.  She threw her head back as he became motivated; he took one hand off her left butt cheek and held her head.  He gained full control of her body as she had various kinds of lost bodily control that he caused.  Sweating copiously, they made passionate love with each other for nearly eight hours, staring each other in the eyes as they simultaneously reached their deepest feelings several times.  As he and she were nearing the end of their erotic moment, an odd, large, stocky, dark figure slowly approached them.  As Joseph was on top of the girl, she saw the figure approach them as they were kissing. 

The figure came closer and closer, until its feet were inches from them.  The girl quickly gained attention to the near figure, recognizing the large object it grasped tightly in its fist and the evil glow in its wide, focused eyes.  Attempting to yell and warn Joseph proved useless; as she panicked underneath is heavy body and deep kisses.  The slow moving man made the quickest, aggressive, though precise movement, as he flipped them and slashed her back with a large blade.  Joseph immediately stopped as he noticed the painful gash on his chest; he froze in the moment as he realized a man had cut the girl in half.  Joseph had become overwhelmed with fortitude, quickly standing up and catching the strong mans’ arm as he tried his last slash downwards with the broken lawnmower blade.  Joseph, without thinking about what he was doing, quickly dismantled the blade and thrust it into the man’s belly.  Falling instantly to his knees, the man gave Joseph an evil, dark stare as his head fell to the ground.  He never solved that mystery, he never found out who the man was or how he knew the girl, but most of all he never forgot that night.  Running for miles, he grew tired with thought of the recent disaster, growing a conscious mind of his surroundings, which he had not previously realized were so dark and evil at times.  It just all of a sudden hit him; at that point in his life he became driven with caution and aware of all things that went on around him.  He quickly fled the country, sailing back home, only to drown in the pain of the recent event.  At that point in time, his parents weren’t around for him; he sought a similar love from the young women he met.  Most of his friends were also young men who were only controlled by the directions in which the generation swayed.  Joseph never lost the pain of his first girlfriends’ death.  Her name was Elizabeth, she was from another time, but he wouldn’t care if he knew about that, he was young.  He never wanted to avoid making children as he had passion with a girl he met, desiring to spread his children far and wide across the globe.  What he was unaware of, is that she always did something to prevent children before receiving the body of a man.  This girl was from the past, early 21st century; being an explorer herself, she found a way to the not so distant future, but good would only come in the past for her.  She was killed by one of her daughters’ ex-boyfriends that night; he found her nearly identical by appearance, which is all that mattered anyway. 

It was in a new conversation with Will, when the old man told him about time traveling.  Will explained to him, “It all started when I went to Great Britain to follow up with my fifteenth exhibition of art work.  I was forty years old, and my wife and I had finally found the perfect emotional comfort we needed for so long.  As I started to travel different places my wife grew weary of me.  She mentioned these intense physical desires she held and how she loss control of them at times.  It outraged me, so I made away with the woman; extricating the bad feelings she burdened my heart with.  Leaving the city that she lived in wasn’t good enough; women like her seemed very ubiquitous for me.  I tried with all my intelligence and knowledge of the world, to find another woman who was right for me.  It was one shocking moment, as I was in Scotland taking a break; my good friend George crossed me while I walked down a road.  He had one fast, exotic black car, it sounded like a wild animal as he drove.  With only a glimpse, he recognized me as his car flew past me, developing a back draft so strong that it lifted me off the ground.  He stopped immediately, putting his car in reverse while I continued to walk, more careful this time, since I felt embarrassed. After driving in reverse for nearly a mile and a half, he said, “How do I get to the market place from here?  I was shocked that he asked me such a question considering the poor and restless situation I was in at the time.  He laughed at the moment as I finally realized he was just joking about it.  I was astonished because of the car he drove as well as the life that he had lived.  He was usually the depressed lonely guy when I met him in college; it seems that he just forgot all about the past. 

This joyful man was the cleverest friend I ever had, he invented time travel.  As he explained to me the specificity of the development and use of the device, I listened to him as an infant child or an animal, knowing absolutely nothing that he was talking about.  Until he changed his conversation over to his life after college, I had lost all interest in furthermore knowing him.  He explained to me how he kept the invention a secret from all society for twenty-seven years, the only good thing to do as other people would love to use it for their evil intentions.  Exhausted from traveling as well as keeping such a powerful secret, he threw away his ideas on a genius mathematician’s desk, only leaving his name as a contact.  The mathematician became so rich in that year that he sent George half of his profits; George reluctantly accepted it.  During those twenty-seven years, he was all alone, traveling the deep past and distant future, experiencing the most joyful and melancholy moments.  Eventually, he found an amazing woman and stopped his travels; it was in the most distant future he had traveled to.  In that time period, women had finally become the major leaders of the world, gaining full control over every living creature; most of them were virgins, obsessed with perfecting themselves.  As the end of that time was soon to come, George met the woman named Anezia, when she was just becoming an adult in her society.  She wanted to be the first person to travel to Jupiter, but he dazzled her with his humorous, cheerful behavior and odd intelligence.  The serious and focused virgin fell in love with him, so he took her home with him.  Without revealing to her his knowledge of time travel, he snuck her into his time period.  The anachronism was a deadly test of her mental and physical strength, as well as her love for him; she knew nothing of time travel, or his time period because of its distance in history.  He had to constantly monitor her, keeping her out of the eyes of other men because of her intense beauty.  She grew an equable love for him, as she realized he developed his own place to live and time to fit his needs and then hers also, all while he came from a defective society.

Will began to explain how he had an epiphany, as he listened to his friend, realizing how he could bring a change to his then miserable situation.  Will thought about time travel for three months before he built up the courage to attempt it.  While he waited and thought it out, his friend let him live with him in his own archipelago.  George and his Woman Anezia were very close, marriage was inaccessible but unnecessary for them.  When Will made it to George’s islands he made himself at home for the whole year.  His woman was very sweet to him and considerate of his difficulties in comparison to his friend.  Will was very grateful for the advice and assisted improvement of direction.  She was also very helpful as she assisted him in acclimatizing to the new environment; she had completely forgotten about her original home.  His friend told him about the mysteries that came with time travel, such as the need for money of different kinds in different times; something that he always had a solution for somehow.  He told him how people have always behaved, continue to behave and will never stop behaving; in fact he knew about the problems that each one had.  The good people always had difficulty staying alive with peace in each distant period he traveled to, and the bad people tended to be popular and at the center of all problems, questions and answers.  George knew it would be dangerous for his friend to attempt it so soon; it proved to be dangerous his first time.  Although he invented it, he never thought of the harm it could do to his body, mind and soul.  Every trip may have been inspirational, but as he went through time his body would change with it.  Going to the past and future required adjustments at some point, he found this out the worst way.  As he became an old man in his first test run, he felt fortunate that he choose the future instead of the past.  If he had become a child twenty years behind he would have been stuck; having become twenty years older, he easily fixed the problem and went back to his time period.  He only became very wise as his body changed back; he made it possible for his old mind to stay the same.  He was destined to be an inspiration to all people whom he came in contact with.


Joseph began to walk again, into the large, deep, vast woods of the odd land he had arrived to.  The trees were unusual in many ways, the top of each tree could reach the outer atmosphere of the planet; with the strange texture of the bark and sharp thorns, the mere size alone was astounding and petrifying to behold.  Unlike the trees from the planet earth, it took only about twenty trees to make a complete barrier from the rest of the area.  Joseph just knew that the area was dangerous as he proceeded, anticipating the worst that could happen to him.  He tried to find similarities in the new planet to the world he was from.  The creatures were not at all like the kinds at home, it seems that the creatures did not breathe air or see their surroundings.  Most of their bodies were elongated and rounded in shape, perforated with small gills.  Only the creatures in the tall trees were familiar to him, winged creatures and mammals with flexible tails and pouches.  He never even thought to ask the men he met about the climate or atmospheres’ effect on the environment.  Soon he learned not only to be observant but also to ask and look for problems to occur especially in new lands; he was once again put to the test of survival.  He had been walking for nearly three hours and thirty-two minutes when he treaded more than seven miles through the trees.  He grew tired from walking so far and long, he began to think about the life back in his original home again.  When he was a young child his original friends were the silliest people he would ever get to meet, even through the rest of his life.  One of his friends named David talked about anything, serious or sad; he made people laugh about it.  In one conversation he spoke of his neighborhood, explaining how strange it was to him even though he lived there so long.  As David was coming from out of a corner store he said to Joseph and the rest of the group of friends, “I hate this shit yall, they cep mi money for this bul shit, how they gone treat me so bad for?  I just got thru byin them som shenifive dollor baskits for the stor.  I hate workin’ for these hoe ass bitches in the summar time, thay owe me dat shit back, I was posto git misef some new close for scoll; I mis fow days an day giv me this smal’ ass cup a water for thirty dolers.” 

Joseph laughed at himself as he remembered how foolish his friend was as he spoke about something important to him but rarely ever made any sense about it.  His friend hated school and  hated work even more than school, but what was really bad is that no one ever told him how he didn’t make sense, especially sense he thought he paid thirty dollars instead of cents.  His friends invested great time, thought, and work into the gaining, understanding, and possession of money; he was quite distant to the idea of money before thought and life.  It was evident that money was the universal aphrodisiac /influence/ inspiration/ continuum while simultaneously the destroyer of love and life.  But Joseph grew sleepy just thinking about something that happened so long ago; he laid his head down and slept on a giant leaf for comfort.  The leaf was so enormous and odd, it had large air holes that circulated air and water through the tree; it had a sound, similar to a large mammal breathing from exhaustion.  As he was fast asleep, he thought and dreamed of things that usually wouldn’t happen in real life.  He dreamed of having a wife, a new family, being a dad and then a granddad, but most of all having sex with all of the beautiful women he had seen in his life.  It was a wet dream for real when the clouds in the sky cracked, sending down tremendous amounts of water instead of what he originally experienced as a rainstorm.  He immediately woke and started swimming, as the water was flooding the thick forest quickly.  He barely knew how to swim as he tried with all his might, looking to the skies as the birds fluttered away, some leaving pellets in the water.  He found the giant leaf again and grabbed it quickly as he was sinking; it was all that he could find.  He had reached the sky, almost at the middle of the giant trees when he just thought about the moment for a while, this place had many secrets and mysteries that he really needed to find and solve.  If he were not to pay any attention to the mysterious place, the irregular and odd things would only astound and overwhelm him as he got injured and destroyed by the destructive new land.  He had to become in a way a part of the land, in order to become attuned to the extravagant disasters and secret evils that were randomly occurring as he thought about the place; breathing in the fumes of the entirely horrid existence. 

His only hope as it seemed was to become conscious of all evil things, omnisciently; as if he were born in that terrible of a situation.  Indeed, this made him very crude as time went on and more as his age changed his appearance.  He sought to destroy everything that came into his presence; the mere thought of peace in his situation gave him excruciating headaches and nausea.  But he was not meant to live his life like this, he was not born in such a tragic place which was surrounded by the worst of all living creatures and land and climate that strangled life, unlike his planet which embraced life as life damaged it.  This was only a phase in his life, just short of the ultimate test that created the powerful internal manhood that he himself was completely unaware of.  Sometimes people lived short lives because the society that they were born in was so different from them and the way they behaved.  Very good people born in petrifying places that held every resemblance and wholesome existence of sin; they had no chance in influencing anyone else surrounding them.  These people were the quiet ones, very disconnected from society and calm, though the laughing stock of the community and sometimes disrespected by the country.  They grew the deepest, oddest forms of imagination in their minds, wondering into entirely unusual worlds and places that only existed to them.  Joseph was only in envy of these kinds of people, similar to monks and scribes, the people held importance with only supreme beings that looked down on the planet at each little soul that inhabited it.  His mere understanding of their doings and skills lead him in the direction of blindly performed perfection in a completely hopeless situation.  Only the women whom he had met in his life noticed this of him, but they were always silent when it came to acknowledging the qualities that he possessed, leaving them mute to his lucid questioning and desire for complements.  But rest assured he always left from them completely satisfied, only physically but the temporary explosive charge of love to his manhood, mind and heart rewarded his life of struggles and pains.  He managed to hold on to his mind in the shaky new situation, graduating himself to the extra manhood that came from his own encounter with the fear and terror instilled in him by anticipated terrors that his elders and wise council always instructed him of; he freed himself of beliefs and images that held back his true perception and reaction.  He realized that he held within himself no form of fear, leaving him powerful and unaware of the amazing glow that he emitted into every new land, step after step. 

Finally he met some people in the land, each person very clever and distinctive from one another although very equal in appearance.  They just so happened to speak the same language as the people in the last land that he escaped coincidentally.  Beauty came with incredible flaws of behavior as well as excessive perfection of behavior.  He could by no means judge by appearance in this place, the physically unfit would win or lose; only their mental state could choose.  Each person’s extreme similarity in appearance leaded Joseph to understand people genuinely and to look with his ears, nose and heart.  The use of clothing was by no means fashion, just a mere covering of their bodies when the weather necessitated it.  Everyone was very outspoken and thoughtful with any kind of activity they would do; they had little skill with visual task as they were usually impaired of vision.  Joseph made his mind up and considered the place a learning experience, a growth for something he had to figure out on his own.  Deep within his heart remained the bold existence partially resembling his grandfathers behavior, his relentlessness was to be revealed in this new land, which uncovered all falsehood and hidden desires that even the most innocent and concealed had gotten away with in other lands.  He in fact had an unusual idea of how he was to be in contrast to other living things; he looked at himself as more than a man, nearly a god.  He managed to hold his strongest desirers inside of his mind only to expose the feelings physically to surrounding people, especially enemies.  His desire to imbue his seed in various women around him, eventually to become the father of a nation of people was exposed in his extreme exhortation of various females he met and repeated attempts and successes of sex with them.  His desire to be dominant in strength led him to abuse his broad understanding of people whom had less strength than him, leading fools to believe that he was nearly the strongest and most powerful at times.  His desires to be cool lead him to copy the tendencies above each loved member of groups he beheld and joined, nearly destroying his conception of who he truly was.  His desire to kill left him seeking for various kinds of enemies and killing them instantly for his fulfillment, even though he thought it was right he turned right people left in order to please his directions.  He swayed each way his enormous ego directed him in as he tried to dominate the system without abiding by its rules, he sought to do something he had no desire to do while fulfilling one of his favorite desires, misleading and fooling people or trickery.  He managed to find a discarded task that no one enjoyed or practiced, leading them to believe that he was in favor of them; eventually getting everyone to join him by using all of his different desires as tools to gather them to his little plan which was only the most unclean of desires since it combined all of his consciously unforeseen aspirations. 

He finally stopped his reckless behavior as the locals demanded punishment for his actions.  Little was he to understand about the nation accept for the few endowed individuals who met him personally, exhibiting the nations epitome of ordinary citizen.  They were perfect, flawless in the society; Joseph especially envied them because he could never gain the status of ordinary citizen in his nation.  He met several men who were just as mature as himself and quite competitive in nature as opposed to his disregard for antagonizing every new person he met.  Joseph did not want to fit in the society by any means, so he decided to find a way to use their individuality weakening competitive desires against them.  He began to do many things that were very stupid but demanded attention and controlled crowds of people, eventually getting other men of equal physique to follow his lead.  The local showoffs where dismayed with his repeated actions stealing spectators attention from them; they had no choice since they had no knowledge of such stupidity.  They began to model his actions of comedy and dancing moves as well as his hysterical giggling and flipping about in the large parks.  Joseph stopped this charade so quickly in the presence of the other men that no one could notice he had started it.  The few impressed young women who remembered seeing him earlier did not have the nerves to remember the out of character behavior he exhibited to them.  They where more interested in the new, A.K.A, real Joseph, since they had only known him for a couple of weeks and the other men like him were behaving outlandishly.  He grew satisfied with his plan, only to regret it as they gained more and more attention day by day.  A few wise and socially obstinate people decided to move to the southeast where the climate was cool and suitable for all ages of people and layers of clothing.  Joseph followed them immediately as the women in his recently built cavern advised him of their upcoming voyages. 

Feeling relieved of his recent activities; he developed another idea for the traveling groups’ activity.  It just so happened that the people in the town traveled by foot, but a few had some very noisy creatures that flew directly above the treetops and seemed to hover just above the walking groups.  Joseph noticed how the noise really distracted and annoyed the walking people, as well as the discomfort and abandoned feeling of being left on the ground to walk.   The people had a long while to walk, and they also rested each night before starting again the next morning.  Feeling impatient and selfish, he talked several men and women who also walked behind the hundreds of people with him into taking one of the large winged creatures in the middle of the night and leaving the rest of the group behind.  The first thing they had to do was move the creature in front of the group, taking up an hour and several minutes.  Then there were a few brave people who were half awake while he was busy with his plan.  He was careful to notice each and every one of the few people whom were capable of this nocturnal behavior.  So each time he saw one of them he placed a light leaf on their face, this was very comforting and cool to the touch putting the stressed out walkers to sleep like a really good dream.  When he finally made it to the front of the group he directed the group onto the creature and began to look for someone to fly it.  Surely enough, the best man for the job was right behind him in front of the multitude of sleeping travelers; he would have to participate since he could be the first to find out who stole the creature.  So after negotiating with the man, named rawlland dempse, Joseph fell asleep on the large animal as the other people struggled to stay awake and deal with the nearly deafening noise of its wings and howling.  This creature was very large and surrounded with fur, its wings had very little fur and it was extremely light for its size.  The creature had large eyes that could penetrate the deepest and darkest clouds, the gruesome appearance was awful to come across but they could see little of it in the deep dark night.  It was an herbivore and had larger, stronger hind legs for quick take of and safe landing.  It was called a kualonie, always found in large groups in the trees and very easy to tame and control but hard to keep around in any circumstances unless you were an expert navigator like dempse.  Navigating was the very best job a person could have in the land, but it required the most responsibility.  The people were in serious need of navigators since their lack of vision altered the outcome of the directions of travel.  The moment that the kualonie ascended it released a large curl of air and emitted a thunderous sound as it swept its 24 foot wing span in full motion, taking up 360 degrees around its body, not touching the ground an inch.    



Traveling Times   created October 31, 2008

Jim had just changed from a boy to a man in his neighborhood, he had all the established fame and popularity that his father had wished for when he was his age.  He had the acknowledgement from everyone he knew that he was amazing, the best person they knew.  If there were to be an accident or terrible event that took him away from them, then he would be remembered and missed dearly.  Even at such a young age; just graduating from college, he had a reputation since high school.  He had lived with his parents until he left for college, then he became independent, but all the same as an individual.  He could still remember the people who he loved and the friends that he admired, they helped him become the person he was. 

At some moments he would completely forget about the past and try to consider himself responsible for everything he had become.  His friends were too close for this kind of mistake, they weren’t all that different from him either.  The life that he pursued was one free of obligations, commitment, and full of surprises one would hope for.  He had just graduated after majoring in English at Berkley, and privately studying medical books.  He would play tennis after reading and he ate at restaurants that served bright smiles, festive sounds, exhilarating colors and a soothing tone of voices in conversation, along with good food.  His work became of little importance to him once he began to experience life without so much labor. 

In most of his free time he thought of his best friends from back at home, and his family would never be forgotten.  He grew up in a wealthy environment, most of the people he grew up with had everything set out and planned far before their decisions interfered.  Although he was one of eight of his siblings, his parents showed favoritism because of his striking similarity in appearance to them.  This over excessive preference for him led to each one of his siblings disliking him, mainly his older siblings.  He was not the youngest by a long shot; he had two little brothers that came just before he graduated from college.  They were playful and peaceful kids; too young to build up or focus hatred like the older children. 

His oldest brother Jonathan however, found peace in another part of the world; he traveled all the time.   In fact, he rarely had enough time to think about his younger siblings, especially when it came to comparing the value between them.  The parents were very successful in the business they ran, the father owned car companies, and the mother was in fashion.  Jim had a band where he grew up at, his best friends had grouped up and toured the city.  It was the most fun he had when he was in high school.  Jim was just thinking about the moment when his phone rang, (the boondocks cartoon opening theme song playing), “Heyello,” he answered.  “How are things in California since you’re all done and all?” replied the voice.  “Is this Stephanie?”  “I’m glad you remembered me too, I took a while to think about whether I should call you or not since you were so long gone before you even left Texas.  I had to tell you how things were going for me, since you hadn’t had the chance to call and check on me.”  “HOW DID YOU GET THIS NUMBER THOUGH?  I changed my room phone like every time I moved; and I have moved like seven times since I started college.”  “You always had the same cell phone number anyway, and you sent out an e-mail just about every time you moved to everybody you wanted to know I guess”… She replied disappointedly.

 “I wasn’t trying to be mean or nothing, I just haven’t heard from you in a really long time………. In fact, you decided you would just leave me to pity what we could have had instead of simply being a good friend like you could have been in the first place.”  She got pretty upset about it and told him she would call back whenever he was over what happened.  Jim got off the phone and began to check his e-mails, when he noticed Stephanie’s address in the inbox.  Titled: I just wanted you to see me again, several dozen photographs from several trips she took while he was at college.  He found the photographs to be incredible and felt like he could have been there himself, she was always posing in front of some landmark, at a park, museum, or just nature itself.  He knew she was a good photographer, but all the self-portraits seemed so spontaneous and he had a gut feeling that she went with somebody close to her.   She was always so happy, smiling and posing cheerfully in the pictures, with her eyes looking into someone else’s eyes like she looked at him before he left. 

He regretted leaving her alone at the prom, since he just didn’t want to go anyway.  He was usually trying to make her happy all the time, but he just thought the prom wasn’t special enough.  He also thought of the prom as a imitation wedding party, or ball, or just an excuse for him to dress up and become politely social and generally fake.   He never had the chance to tell her how he felt about it, or to actually try again.  He didn’t even know what happened at the prom anyway; she never really complained to him about it, or mentioned having tons of fun at it either. 

Jim was not the type to ask a billion questions about any situation, or linger on any problem that most people would.  Stephanie didn’t say where she was when she called; neither did she say what she was doing at the time.  All Jim was thinking about was the significant moments that sucked for him, and he thought to himself, she must be happy since she actually called me like this.  Indeed he could have been doing anything, with any of the friendly young women he met in college or just not answering her calls to be mean. 

Jasmine was coming around later; he started to feel guilty about what was about to indefinitely occur.   He had escaped his birthplace, his home, his original life and group of friends, only to feel like he was imitating another person in another life.  When Jasmine came by he conveniently forgot about what was bothering him.  “Hi,” said Jasmine.  She was 5,4’, with a small body, bright eyes, posture like a model, and soft curly dark hair, along with a skin tone that great painters would go insane trying to copy.  Her beauty was unique, and her behavior was pleasing; she would put him to sleep at night just by talking on the phone about anything she wanted.  Her voice was calming, and sexy but she never seemed overtly sexual just talking.  Jasmine was quiet, sensual, and always found a way to secretly tap in to her needs when she was around Jim.  Jim just liked her, as simple as he was when it came to girls; he would only do what felt best at any given moment.  No predetermined behavior, or romancing, no deep thought about any actions that would or were occurring, and he just enjoyed her so much that he didn’t know when or how to focus on pleasing her alone. 

“How was the study break?  Did you go out and learn something new that I don’t and used to know about yet.”  

“I don’t know how much you already know, you always surprise me,  but I did get some free time after the usual to jog around the track.”

“You still like running all the time, even after studies?  I’m guessing it would be more effective to run before studying”

“Are you just talking about running now, or other things that involve perspiration?”

“Ok, you got me. I meant calisthenics too, which would be even better with me to assist the intensity and duration of the exercise.”

“Well, I think physical activities help my information to stick in my mind for a while.  The physical exertion takes my mind off of thoughts and focuses them on maintaining physical balance and comfort.”

“I respect you’re biologist manner of thinking about the physical interactions relationship with the mind, does this mean we can have sex now?  I would love to assist you in focusing mental energy and whatever else.”

Jasmine was smiling, looking him deep in the eyes as she jumped on his lap and kissed him.  He just held her close and rubbed her under her shirt and panties, she was quiet again. 

They would usually have erratic sex, never get oral, always touchy, and with unpredictable outcomes that were always pleasing for them.   This day, she had studied for a test that would be her last in college as a medical student.  She was younger that him, but she knew so many things he didn’t know about nature that interested him.  Her conversation was actually more logical than his most of the time; he would flatter her with poetic statements while she explained the underlying feelings and how they could be dissolved into basic behavior that was done with little thought or meaning attached.  Jasmine was a major fan of pre-marital sex, but she was also very interested in different kinds of relationships. 

Jim was originally disappointed when she just wanted to have him as a sexual friend alone, but she eventually started liking him after the first couple of nights she was supposed to be using him.  This time was different, because the actions were unpredictable and the anticipatory feelings were misleading.  She was on top when she just stopped moving her body, looking him in the eyes and holding him closer she said,  “How can we make this thing last forever?”

Jim felt  a yearning sensation, she was doing all the work that time, moving every muscle in her lower body, completely unaware of how insanely pleasing it felt to him.  He tried to quickly focus his mind and listen to what she had to say; she said she wanted to talk about it right then because they were so close and even if it hurt it wouldn’t feel so bad.  He agreed, “I don’t think I could hurt you right now anyway, but I do  wish you had told me you were gonna do this before you got on top.” 

“Is this really gonna last? Are we just too young to make a long term commitment, I need to know if you will still be here for me.”

“Just relax, I can always change some of my many plans around to make this work.  You are really special to me, I hope we can both hold on closer, and  I can’t hurt you right now so lets keep going. I want the top now.”

She finally relaxed again, but stayed on top.  Jasmine had issues with control, she wanted to make sure she always had the ability to change things, and she was too sensitive to let him take charge that day.    Jim was ok with it, he liked girls who desired authority and lacked submissive tendencies.  In fact that was one of the first things that made him fall in love with her, she was mature and knew exactly what she wanted, but at the same time she didn’t want to have spoon fed love.  She was honest about her feelings from the start, mainly because she knew he would not try to change things for her.  Jim was laid back, calm, and smiling all the time; if he wanted something she didn’t want to disappoint him.  He was never interesting when he was bored; his simple frown at any given moment visually sucked the life out of whatever would be going on.  At the same time, it was hard to get a legitimate smile from him.  He would usually have a small smirk, unless something really exciting happened; his feelings were the final judgment in all those involving conversations, where everyone wants to keep the mood high by looking excited and pleased.  He had a distinctively mature appearance, and his serious nature also earned respect from the thoughtful people he usually met. 

He was not secretive, fearful, or afraid of shame at any given moment.  He was only living how he lived, and no matter what happened, he would have that personality trait.   Jasmine was finally slowing down, after several hours of her staying on top.  He was exhausted, he would never tell her to stop or slow down out of respect for her feelings and his opportunities for sexual advancement.   He preferred that she didn’t even ask to have sex with him; he would rather just make sure she could always have him when she had feelings.  This selflessness  made her respect his feelings and offer him love at any whim he may have had. They got dressed as the sun was just going down, they were going out to get some groceries they would cook for the night.    Jasmine was driving since Jim liked her Saab,  his car was more aggressive especially when he would drive, breaking groceries and ruining the interior.  It was going to rain that night, and they wanted to stay inside to watch some movies. 

They were using GPS this time to find a new store they hadn’t visited before.  They were considering cutting meat out of the diet, at least for that night.  They arrived to a new store that was 22 miles away from home, everything was fresh; it was a coastal market with seafood as a specialty.  Jim wanted to try some lobster, some new fruits, and an ornate and refreshing salad on the side.  Jasmine was looking for some new cheeses to try on a new bread recipe she had created once before, as well as some red wine since she only decided not to drink beer when it came to alcoholic beverages.  Jim choose a live lobster, he had a large plastic bag of water with the large lobster he named Night-claws.  Jim was interested in trying out a new recipe on the crustacean, not that he had found it in an article or cookbook.

By the time they were heading back home the moon had come out and stars illuminated the sky as well.  The rain was just starting to drizzle as she headed out on the freeway.  Jim was trying out some new music buy lotus, some jazzy ambient, peaceful music.  He liked to listen to music and the news when he cooked, it was a calming, and meditative process at times.  Jessica was hungry already, considering the long drive ahead, as well as the time it would take to cook the meal. 

She simply sped up above the 65mph speed limits, no road rage appearance, but it could still bring out the worst in the wrong fellowship of traffic.  The town was usually quiet and less crowded on the roads, but this time it was congested and dulling.  The repetitiveness of the stopping and going of traffic was irritating, it was a wreck that occurred up ahead; the GPS had found another route. 


Free-write    created October 31, 2008     


Love caused hatred from the closest people, the variation and distinctiveness of focused love caused accidental hatred.


Life became a battle, a competition to pursue happiness without getting a scratch, separation from nature itself, and attachment to materials. 


Money became a substitute for love itself, people became as void as vending machines and as cruel as the vending machines that steal money. 


Believing in a single faith became the most dangerous weapon around, organized love=organized hatred. 


Desire became the ender of all progress, as love dominated the world, and men became men of the earth. 


Peace won over, as substitutes for love and humanity became devalued by the rich and thoughtful. 


The powerful felt the control ensue upon them; as the tools became useless they became nothing.


As the mother nursed the child he cried for money, but she could not understand...


Old people were given too much control, history became more powerful a resource than the present times.


As populations increased, the value of each human life decreased, love became spread out, and less contained. 


People began to accept the ideas of the many people surrounding them, and they became like one.


The variations of appearances and closeness of the people led to very mixed offspring, and it became not only acceptable but popular and surprising. 


Sickness became the enemy, illness was a sentence for death by man. 


The woman got everything she wanted from him, she always wanted to feel, and he always wanted to touch.


Sometimes he desired some pain, because it felt good when it healed over..


She was an open girl with him, he eventually knew everything that touched her in her heart..


His destiny in life was simply to fall in love and be loved,