Wherever you reside, make it a place others will call a vacation. People make the place believe it or not..

I was looking for new shows and happened upon Hannibal,  I can see how this stuff desensitizes young men and even more mature men,   there's an appreciation for handguns that even I've been a guilty of expressing, but they're very distancing weapons.   In reality, I assume it makes crimes seem less involved, as opposed to using a machete up close and personal for example.   Automatic weapons and large caliber belong on a field of battle, or with only the most experienced of law enforcement, handguns are for those who otherwise would be in grave danger and are defenseless amongst threats.  Fearful people unfortunately need to remain around other fearful people, whichever shade they appear in direct sunlight or artificial lighting.  I have no doubt that fear is misconstrued into bravery among a certain populous that only operates through fear.   Considering Lupe's writing in response to the manifesto,  if there were less of variations to fear/degrade in general they would eventually find ways to hate themselves.   Because they have the strongest love for hatred itself, there's no chance for what civil society considers the good life.  I do remember hearing somewhere of negative masculinity being a major contributor to his actions as well,  reminding me of one of bell hooks books explaining the issues of societal norms.  The need to show defiance to such extremes as killing 6 yr old kids or an 87 yr old woman continues to go unrealized in its severity in national media.  I hope citizens stop exhibiting nievity to such extreme occurrences so the need to visualize the murders doesn't become required, don't disrespect the victims.  There are various levels of fear and hate they may say and believe,  but the truth is we often increase our step in the directions we walk, rather it's right or wrong. So as the title implies,  make your home right; every location on earth should be the very best "humanly" possible.  

Some things we want don't have to be taken,  it's more a matter of choice than abilities to carryout the improvement we all need. 

Some things we want don't have to be taken,  it's more a matter of choice than abilities to carryout the improvement we all need. 

Thoughts for June

My self expressions make me who I am, these are my uncontested ideas,  feel free to object or refute them even this very moment.   I will pleasingly support my positions with facts,  no $media$ to be involved in this free thought. 

1. struggling rich think the poor help to keep them around 

2. filthy rich don't recognize the absence of money for the majority of people existing. 

3. the average person wishing to be rich often source knowledge of the struggling rich 

4. the uninformed intending to be rich will destroy their very foundation to merely improve their self esteem

5. the socially comfortable poor won't know what to do with large sums of money because they are more satisfied with what rich consider crumbs

6. the lazy poor aren't so bad just for seeking free incremental sums of income, much worse is their lack of curiosity or hesitation to use information gathering resources

7.  the stubborn poor will break their back, but feel the strongest pain of a headache from mental focus

8. the people in the middle of it all have a pivotal position of clarity to recognize how everyone succeeding to their maximum ability would make whoever surrounds them a friend.  

9.  the sympathetic wealthy will try to use what they have "money" to tip the scales favorably for struggling poor, but there's an entire network of many more expecting equal contributions that'll perpetuate the negative cycles.

10. the blessed, favorable, luckiest will have to shine to some extent to make those they knew before desire more. 

11. a good person is doing many a disfavor not to take up some position of leadership ,that could steer all in the appropriate direction. 

12. success has to work as a climb, no room for running backwards or slowing to the more favorable decline

13. everyone's work is for something that pleases them, the deepest love can inspire the deepest hate simultaneously

14. to release knowledge to those who it benefits most is more important than simply absorbing and retaining, to create new knowledge is the best

15. an easy test is for an attempt to carry a specific weight, the limitations of the laid out course leave less room to explore maximum strength. 

16. fear is the worst tool for creating self hate, or hate of those quite similar to ones self 

17. capital is meant to control less plentiful into requiring it , and to follow the plans of those with unlimited wealth and desire

18. life seems to move quicker for the older, wiser, richer. .and the younger, poorer, impatient have to think faster to catch up to a slow, steady climb that appears to be light speed. 

19. words are ok, but money pays bills and makes life easier,  so it'll often take the lead. ..

20. the mind should be anyones priority to please, because every type of sensation has to be relayed through it before eyes meet another's skin, or bodies intermingle, previous words spoken ensure the mind is used to its full potential to feel every moment.. a few good minds are like several universes that combine for better or worse.

21. those who receive your undivided attention will return the best serve of love you'll allow

22. time will never stop, if all living creatures have a schedule and plans and choices, it'll have to happen within their mere speck of a fraction of an unimaginable amount of time. 

23. great minds attract great minds, and are attracted to these great minds; the same rule applies to simple mindedness too 

24.  we are meant to constantly improve as time goes by,  those who have already excelled will not stop thinking to improve they would only be pleased with the additional gathering of genius


25. each of our senses need to be exercised together in reality, the lack of real sensory is how media can shape our perceptions

26. our genuine interest in or connectedness with one another are how the world solves problems a world away

27. anything that has to profit to exist is part of a business structure,  everyone enjoys a good climb; unfortunately medical, educational, and financial systems aren't much of a benefit to those served without a good down payment 

28. it takes only a single person to ruin a good community,  or to uplift the places status on the map. 

29. a poor person will do foolish things with temporary spurts of wealth, because "tomorrow isn't promised today" is in fact the reality we live in. 

30. to give what you want to get always makes sense, but another may want less or more. .   

31. an idea is shaped by society,  we wouldn't imagine much if not looking past our own front yards. 


my choice to post a pic of my 1st set of polo boots has nothing to do with these quotes and statements.., but rather than showing my nude body,  here goes an article of clothing of sorts. . I am exposed! !

my choice to post a pic of my 1st set of polo boots has nothing to do with these quotes and statements.., but rather than showing my nude body,  here goes an article of clothing of sorts. . I am exposed! !

I like the idea of working till I'm tired,  making my own schedule count for something means becoming necessary and dependable. .

Will title when finished

A new trend for me will be titling works at completion, using quotes I've written in the past sketchbook pages or some new writings.   I want it to relate to my current life and define how much I have grown. 

C hoosing new colors based on my mood at the time,  the subtractive areas will always represent dramatic masculinity, aggressive decisions with little room for sympathy. 

Choosing new colors based on my mood at the time,  the subtractive areas will always represent dramatic masculinity, aggressive decisions with little room for sympathy. 

I guess it's worth mentioning, I have done things differently at times before now.   there's a painting I sold before that needed an adjustment, after it was spoken for my best choice for color change was to cut out the area in the painting. 



                                                                  BBRN *upgraded

                                                                  BBRN *upgraded

It was my later time in North Versailles during a transitional part of my life, letting go of the old, getting accustomed to modernity and stress free life.  New colors were refreshing for me, new feelings, emotions and ideas.  


Poor Baltimore

I knew there was a reason Baltimore felt more like home than DC... police aren't separating us btw, that's just awakened negative consciousness.  like we will most likely hang out with people that look like ourselves but try to avoid dealing with the definition of segregation.  Honestly, it's easier, and carefree to ignore other types of people when we have other things on our minds.   Limited technology could make most all of us more locally interested. It takes less thought to not worry about starting racial conflict with friends, the main time we like to avoid thinking much at all.   Only those who are the least bit disadvantaged can live the liberal life of integration with ease.   Fix the socioeconomics, fix everything else.   Recognizing the many variations that exist helps to notice our many similarities.  Everyone isn't gonna care about this stuff,  because we seek to gratify our temporary needs.   Until we see a relative or one we love violently killed because of our idgaf attitudes.  If chaos is what you truly are,  by all means embrace that, whichever color & however violent.  When you deal with the consequences of it realize,  we've been dealing with a ton of hate for a while,  boiling up to lack of restraint.   Adult men in our original homeland educating children to survive by death of their opponents by the use of a foreign sourced weapon.   Women eventually socialized to desire such men who rely on European war tactics to assert physical superiority over other men.  If you're only consuming information from the media and not walking the streets at night, you're likely to mistake your support on either side.  The police are a fraction of a problem with projects,  disadvantaged communities,  drugs, and the ever so oppressing loyalty to one's upbringing with hesitation to improve on it.




I realize the way I do things in every walk of life says something about who I am.  The subtle annoyance I got from smelling/breathing in my last cars exhaust meant I should do whatever I can to change it. People here like to call distance an amount of time, but using gas means more than looking at a clock.  As long as it is financially within reach, I feel the obtainablity of an ev car has many benifits beyond just saving on gas.  

bakery square, free charge stations

bakery square, free charge stations

Most of my time working I've made significant use of my vehicle to work or go to work,  this means it's important to have wheels.  If I want to see the vintage grand prix, or art all night I like that there's an option to charge up nearby.  Pittsburgh has many locations available for ev car owners to easily drive & charge each day an continues to add more.  Lastly, I've been interested in taking sustainability courses at Chatham.  If not so, I do look into it every chance I get, nearly for entertainment purposes,  I feel like a superhero in a world of rich antiheros.  This is like the modern day industrial revolution; but label it the clean revolting.   Difficulty, the challenge of it all is what drives me to attempt and try it,  I like to make a significant change at some point, so driving cleaner is the least I can do.  I did wish for a Volkswagen e-golf before, but it isn't sold here.  There was the option of driving to Hagerstown to visit family as I would prepare my attempt to journey station to station back to Pittsburgh.  But I didn't need it as much as I wanted to do it all, in fact the technology is expected to improve exponentially as time goes by.   I like to be able to say I was one of the first using an ev car for everyday driving&more.   

When black guys do dumb stuff does it get more attention?

Not that I'm complaining about my present exposure,  but in general it is societies expectancy to see the next shooting be a black male suspect.  In locations that haven't caught up with integration,  people are taught to fear black men causing harm.  Many projects actually are a danger to people's lives in or out of the specifically hood locations.   I tend to check trulia for heat maps as one of the many app tools I use looking for my first home in Pittsburgh.   I want to show students who think it's an achievement to have the more violent neighborhood.  Home values decrease because families are reluctant to raise children there; actually, unless they are in the family of the last generation it's unlikely.   There's nothing like coming from the outside looking in,  will cookie cut ghettos still be the exact same or even exist 100 yrs from now?  Will architects hold down their food for the next round of visually substandard creations to isolate the uncivilized?  Will communities quickly take the initiative to make their communities family friendly or strive to contain, preserve, and perpetuate its self destructing existence? Is the music on the local radio so much a part of the community?  People may look at the news in awe and shame; when we aren't directly affected we will condone the lack of innocence.  To some that is the only choice they know of,  with records corrupted at an early age, music that agrees with the backwards successful life philosophy playing daily to reflect with.  We are all rushed in life to do what makes a decent income for our chance of survival,  extremes are more visually obvious with lower incomes,  and appear nonexistent with the higher incomes.   Segregation still exist naturally when violence doesn't allow one to peacefully coexist in the same place.   When either group complains,  there will always be obvious solutions to solving the problem,  just ask the right people.  

My thoughts about Selma, and The Imitation Game

Selma struck me as a very emotional, powerful film with strong characters acting for MLK, his wife and associates.   The depiction of the president at the time was very believable for those sympathetic to the immediate action needed for equality.   I haven't seen many films with such a true level of respect shown for people with my appearance.  The time it took for Selma to be created does not bother me,  this seems to be a valuable time for everyone in America.  Reviews and rewards are for more fictitious films that test the limits and new technology in modern cinema.  Some films are more about the message, who it is speaking to and what it has to say.   With that being said, I also liked The Imitation Game for the messages it had, the times were also brutal requiring sacrifices and higher level thought.   The fact that the machines were behind the scene was not a big surprise, technological superiority has been a major part of winning wars and claiming new lands for most of human existence.  I have to include the fact that there is a movie coming for America's best sniper in all history; how can we possibly ignore technological advantages that allow us to win?  I have respect for the sacrifices made during wartime,  but for the same warrior to come home and be killed by a struggling veteran is a shame.  The murders that were in the news of the French illustrator Charlie Hebdo and people nearby who also got shot were not a surprise because of the sensitive nature of what they were joking about.   The religious fanatics that were the focus of the illustrations were heavily armed and prepared to die just as we and the artists must have already expected.  Hatred is a very easy emotion to express, it is driven with a short of primitive quick response to action to rid any immediate threat.  The most immediate threat to such a radical religious group is knowledge of its lack of legitimacy.   Each attack they make leads me to wonder why didn't they communicate the response in a civilized manner.   Thinkers will get more done for a nation than killers ever will.  Economics will continue to be the destroyer or savior of our nation more than many other factors we may assume it to be.   

Thoughts for the day (for yesterday)

When there's opportunity at every turn,  you never run out of things to do.   

The nicest rewards come from the biggest risks.  

Everything you do out of love and determination is for some one who surrounds you, even if you think it's for yourself.  

If you're looking any direction going forward,  whoever or whatever is in front is better than looking behind or even next to you. 

Hesitation helps extend the time it takes to be adult without constant guidance.  

Don't border lock yourself from cultural amazement. .embrace the variation of colors light and dark or in between.

Hatred should end during childhood,  visit a zoo and love something that's alive in captivity or not.  


I'm thinking about how I can make my work less of an economically stimulated activity.  When i'm comfortable making just enough, I'll need more desire; whenever I want too much I'll forget to be grateful for what's in front of me.